Tuesday, April 08, 2014

IDS - My new skincare sponsor (^_^)v

Hi readers! I wonder if there's still anyone coming back to my blog when I update so 'regularly'. HAHAH JUST KIDDING.
To those who still reads my blog, here's a big warm virtual hug to you! :D


Chester was so thoughtful, he booked a cab for all of those that were invited to the event!
Of course, how can I not make use of this opportunity to take SELCAs (cos selfies are too overrated ;P) right.. MUAHAHAHAHAH
Miss my purple hair so much...
With my favourite flavour of lollipop~

At the media launch of IDS Clinic, also our (LAPSUPswag's) new skincare sponsor!

Went down together with Peishi cos Jayley was busy and Rachell met with some problems... :/

Such a good place to camwhore and goof around. xD

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


So happy when Just Tangy emailed me and asked if I'm keen to own, not one but TWO gorgeous Claire Aristides bracelets!

Just Tangy is an online shop that brings you exclusive international designer brands from overseas, brands like Claire Aristides, Daniel Wellington, CC Skye and more! 

Prior to receiving these bracelets, I don't actually like to wear any accessories. Irregardless to sleep or to shower or whatever. Cos they always end up rusting and turning yellow. :(
BUT!!!! Ever since I've received the parcel in February, I've actually been wearing this Horseshoe bracelet every SINGLE day! Seriously! Like EVERY DAY! SO HOOKED to it! Literally. LOL

Love how intricate, exquisite, simple yet classy it is! Goes with every single style of my outfits!

Looking for an anniversary present to give to your girlfriends yet have no idea what to buy? How about the Diamond Heart Charm bracelet in White Gold? :D 

The quality of the bracelets are absolutely superb!
So fine and subtle! Sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing it. :P

This may sounds kinda silly but it actually makes me appreciate the finer things in life..

Friday, March 14, 2014


18th February 2014

Went to get my hair set at Salon Runway.
Located at Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard #02-48&49 (S) 039596~
Please call 6837 8178 to book your appointment!

Some selcas with my precious BBW after doing my make up, all ready to head out! Hahaha, he look so nonchalant in the photo on the left. xD

Mandatory selcas while on the way there.
It surely is the best thing to do while waiting! Makes your time pass by so much quicker. DON'T BELIEVE, TRY IT NEXT TIME!

Saturday, March 01, 2014


I used to be 44 kg, you know.
Ha, that was actually 4 years ago.. Before I met C when I was still a teenager, eating home-cooked food by my awesome mom, high metabolism rate and well, young.
Sometimes I really wish to turn back time.
Rewind back to the days where I'm stick thin. Always feeling that cheap thrill of happiness whenever people commented that I looked 'skinny', be it in real life or on photo. xD

So now, are you wondering how SKINNY I used to be when I weigh only 44 kg? Here it is....
Photo taken by Jayley from the side.
Gosh..... How I miss my thighs!

Let's forward a tad bit, to maybe 2012, after filming That Girl In Pinafore, I went to film Dive Into Love in Malaysia for around 2 months plus. se
I started changing my diet, avoid carbs, having cereals for breakfast and during teabreak, eating at least 3 mini croissants + 2 white breads at the Redang Resorts early in the morning for 10 days straight etc.

I went from....
(During tho Pinafore days, July 2012)

(Beginning filming of DIL, October 2012)
Face and thighs still relatively slim..


Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'll be selling my clothes at real low prices this coming weekend, together with other gorgeous ladies featured below.


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