Friday, July 18, 2014

Drive Smart PEOPLE!

Different people have different needs. Same goes to drivers!

Whether you are a road traveler or a parents fetching your kids to and fro from school, AXA thinks that you deserve a protection plan that is customized for you!

Introducing Singapore's first truly tailored car insurance!
With 7 core plans and a range of plans to choose from, drivers like us can now enjoy a protection plan that meets your lifestyle needs and affortability! ^_- v

For us independent woman:

For those family-orientated people~

For people who likes to drive overseas~
Having a license in Singapore is very good and practical because when you are in other country, it is usable too! INTERNATIONAL BABY!

For the working class~

So which one suits you the most?
Hope this helps drivers out there!
Always better to be safe than sorry right?

Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to this - the JBL Voyager speaker~

As you can see on the buttons, it's a bluetooth speaker which allows you to control the speaker using your smartphone or other devices. 
Gotta love wireless connected devices!

Here's the back of the speaker! Super loud! Good when you are watching dramas at home!

And here comes the awesome part of this speaker! Is that there is a smaller detachable speaker which you can bring around!
Simply just push the bottom of the smaller speaker and...


Pretty loud and portable! Very versatile!

The kind people at JBL is giving away a pair of J33i earphone to you my dear readers!

All you have to do is to email your answer to with your name, contact number and the answer to:

"What's the name of this speaker?"

Results will be announced first week of July!

To people who are keen to purchase this speaking, it's available at all good Apple and IT Resellers in Singapore. 

Thanks for reading and I wish y'all good luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AXA Drive App @ Unplugged

03 June 2014

Went down to Dempsey together with Munah babe after our training at iFly, to attend the AXA Drive App Media Launch at Unplugged!

A line up of Subaru cars parking on the side of the road, waiting to be drove.

Taking a photo with the ladies (Wendy and Munah) with the backdrop~

Monday, June 02, 2014

Hello there!

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Just some photos taken with C's PhotoBooth.

Been dropping quite a bit of hair these days.... What's wrong with my body..? :'(

Hair... Please stop dropping..

Sighs, haven't been watching what I eat lately...

If only we can decide where our fats goes.....

Happy 52th Monthsary Dear Dear~

Monday, May 19, 2014


Received KISS Whitening Collagen Mask in around March, but only began to use starting the beginning of this month - MAY; to see how long it really takes to see the effect.

Who is KISS?

KISS Skincare Singapore is a local based e-store.
They are the Authorized Sole Distributor for KISS Whitening Collagen Cream mask.

The FIRST in Singapore to present to you the BEST seller KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask in Thailand.

✔ Certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand)
✔ Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is a product of Thailand and is already one of the BEST SELLERS for whitening collagen cream mask. 
It is co-founded and recommended by Dr Atom of Atom Clinic in Thailand, a famous celebrity doctor known for his celebrity and super model clientèle.

(Now you see the differences between photos taken indoor and outdoor~)


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