Saturday, May 29, 2010

hey peeps who still come back to my blog more updates...
thanks for coming even though i'm not updating much.. hahaha! xD

right now when you're reading this post,
i'm on Jetstar, waiting for the plan to start flying to Bangkok.

hopefully nothing major is going to happen when i'm there with boyfriend, jiaxi and sinyee. (:

really touched when my ahmuimui convey this message in 'baby' tone:
"Please come back in one piece."

wah.. (T_T)
can cry one leh.
mei.. if something really happen to me, please take care of parents..
control your hot tempered and your attitude la :)
you always put on a strong act in front of strangers.
but deep down, you're just another fragile girl.
so yeah, you know what to do when i'm not around okays.
though just a few days la. hahaha! bring mom to Cathay for movie oh!
must use the voucher before 30 May ah~:D
enjoy your 3d shrek oh!

promise will take my time to blog more when i'm back.
[already have a few drafts in my blogger waiting to be published!]
loadsa photos to post! :D

till then, dont miss me too much!
if you're concern about me, follow @jiaqiwoo as she will post tweets on twitter about my safety. :)
[i will sms her la, duh. unless she dont get my message... :/]

last but not the least!
enough of all the negative thoughts i have..


till then~~

i will be back on June 1st if theres no bombs here and there!! xD
staying at the baiyoke boutique.

Random Quote:
Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be!

*this post is a scheduled one*

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