Tuesday, June 01, 2010

LAST DAY AT BANGKOK WITH BOYFRIEND (with jiaxi and sinyee)
this drink is awesome!
grape juice in a cute bottle!

jiaxi and sinyee down the hall corridor.

boyfriend and i!
saw my new hair colour? :D

cant really see?
here's one photo with flash!
more camwhore photos! :D
under the sunlight, gosh my eyes hurt!

and here's where we have our breakfast...

boyfriend and jiaxi ordering for us.

he had TWO bowls of noodles for goodness sake... (>_<)

after eating, we went to pamper ourselves (sinyee and i)!
some mani and pedi while the guys went to walk around at Siam Square.

sinyee choosing her colours.

sinyee's mani and pedi.
i was like,"WOW. your nails so colourful!!"

and this was mine..
opted for something simple and nice.
french mani!
realised something..
the thai, they do not buff your nails shiny and all and they do not apply base coat before they colour it.

the guys came back and we were not done yet!
so i persuaded boyfriend into getting his cuticles cut!!
and he did~ ;)

wooot i love clean fingernails!
and jiaxi opt to do a shoulder massage instead of what boyfriend did cos he think it's gay. (>_<)!
after the manicure session, went to this shopping center to walk walk.
forgotten the name though.
boyfriend and jiaxi bought this DAMN OISHII ICE CREAM!

and there's boyfriend fooling around with the ice cream.

here's what i bought from the roadside stalls before we bought our ice cream.
sinyee and i got the same bracelets!
chio right? :P

and this pair of blingbling spectacles.

my cute boyfriend!

new hair colour and new spectacles~
walked to the place where the war took place.


can you say it quickly? xD
the first few times i got tongue tied sia..

then we went to pray pray at the four-face-Buddha~

you can choose to pay more and let the more dancers to dance around you.
in this picture, the couple chose 3 dancers.
but jiaxi and boyfriend paid for 8dancers for the 4 of us!
bless us and the people around us health, fortune and peace. :)
before we left, bought coconut and drink!
was super thirsty and gosh...
thailand's coconut are like the best drink to quench thirst.
somemore they're like frigging cheap and easily accessible.

cabbed back to hotel to prepare checking out.
our suitcases. xD

and off we go to the airport!
left: boyfriend's
right: mine xD
while the guys checks in our suitcases, it's CAMWHORE TIME with my bling bling specs!

and a candid shot from boyfriend.
went to the airport canteen to grab a bite before we catch our flight back to singapore.
and this is sinyee with her bowl of beef noodles!
boyfriend and i had thai kway tiao..
but forgotten to take photo. XD

on the plane! :D

after 2hours or so, we finally touch down!

(●^∀^●) v

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