Monday, June 21, 2010

remember the day when i tweeted that i was moving our hammies to a new 'apartment'? xD

by the way, dont you think that this photo of them is effing cute?!
they are always sleeping!

two level!
chosen by our parents.. 30bucks sia.
i still remember last time before jiaqi's baby and my pudding died, they lived in a blue cage similar to this! costed only 10bucks though.
after they passed away, we threw the cages, food, bedding, everything away!! (>_<) so wasted! let's see what are they up too? xD
anyways, baby came and took me out!
he was famished, so we went to IMM for quick bites.
bubble tea, old chang yee, roti mum and ramen! :D
wouldnt recommend you to try this ramen though..
not very nice. :/
the one beside the famous Rocher's beancurd is so much nicer!

baby know i wanna go ice skating for quite sometime already!
so he planned and took me there! ;D

here we are at Kallang's ice skating rink!
took a photo of the price list just before the personnel changed it to another piece of paper. :P

getting ready!
it's dear's virgin experience on the ice! hahahahahha that makes me a pro. LOL okays la, not exactly.
pro kawaii young korean skater!
i went ahead and used my poor korean in front of her! xD
hais.. didnt fall down at all through out the skating experience...
NOT TILL i wanted to hug dear when we were about to leave for the last round. zomg.

so i was skating to catch dear who is in front of me limping and drawing circles with his hands! LMAO
i spread my arms, wanting to hug him..
he too, did the same thing.
but somehow, we both lost balance..
and guess how we both fell down?
i fell on my back.
still could remember how i fell so vividly!!
knocking my head, back, elbows, butt and legs on the hard icy ground.
my right eye bone area kena hit also.. :(

the feeling was like, one fine moment i'm standing.
the very next moment i blinked, and i was on the ground.
dear.. he fell forward.
landing with his knee! *yikes!*
his kneecap already injured.. hais..

nobody came and help us lor..
think i even heard laughters. LOL

well.. it was really funny though! xD
even me cant stop laughing at myself and dear. :P

injuries~ the rest of the part, not convenient to take photo. LOL
caring darling helping me to take off my skates. :D
after skating, my mood swing kinda came.
in order to pacify me, we had a challenge..
as usual, the winner is me. LOL
not because dear let me win hor, i've got skills one leh. xD

"zomg... buai pai seh leh you.."
*peace out* ;)

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