Friday, July 09, 2010

me took train to farrer park mrt station in the noon to look for darling who is back from his Dubai flight.
delicious thai kway tiao i tell you! :D
they have another stall at the Bugis..
hm. located near NAFA i think.
and some photobooth photos taken with dear's new MBP.

the mirror effect. xD
hahaha i look retarded with the big nose i have!
dinner with boyfriend's family at marina square.
didnt eat any main course as we were both still quite full from the meal in the afternoon.
ate mango dessert instead.. :D
damn nice and generous chunks of sweet mango!
watched Despicable Me in 3D at night.
zomg! absolutely love the part when Agnes did,"is this counted annoying?"
*start patting her cute lil face with a bubbly sound*
and the yellow things with lil hair!

go catch it if you still have not done so!

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