Sunday, July 18, 2010


followed by a camwhoring session while boyfriend's driving. xD

zomg, love the photo the most!! :Dhair do for the day~
ribbon bow clip from bangkok!
10 baht only i think. xD

so we finally reached our destination.
Iluma! :)
as usual, we always bet on playing this arcade game.
whoever win, will get to be massaged! xD

WOOOT! first time in my LIFE, getting sucha high score playing arcade basketball! ;)
after seeing my score, boyfriend seriously PIA his score sia. xD
cos there are others that were watching us play..
hahaha. VERY FUNNY ONE LEH! seeing boyfriend so into a game like this.
ya la ya la, win me la. :P
him and his proud face.
after the match, just in time for our movie at filmgarde..
watched Shanghai.
wooot. bloody. film about Japanese invasion @ Shanghai.

and so, i owed boyfriend 10minutes of back massage.

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