Wednesday, July 28, 2010

photos taken from dear's photobooth.

went to NTU for jiaxi's convocation.
didnt attend the whole ceremony thing cos boyfriend still need to fly later on.
took some photos and here we went for some food. :D

went to dont know which canteen..
and ate japanese food!
boyfriend sent me home.
and when i opened my letterbox, guess what i found! :D

see the difference with just eyeliner? xD
two different eye makeup. xD
right side.

left side.

without flashwith flash

heh~ bought this new liquid liner from sasa.
not bad.. :)


  1. Hi where do you get the fake eyelashes and what is the model no? (:

  2. this pair of falsies are from Jiaqi. i got them from her. so i dont know whats the model no and where to get them. xD

  3. wow your makeup is damn nice le, so professional. what brand is the white shimmering eyeshadow which you draw at the corner and lower part of your eye? your blog and jayley (although i dunno her and didnt add her at fb) very interesting to read..btw i m curious did both of you attend any star search or ?? how come both of you have so many fan ?? zoe (one of ur fb fred's)

  4. haha thankyou for your kind compliments :)
    i was actually just playing around with the makeups i own.
    the white shimmering shadow is from MJ.
    hm, we did not went for any audition for star search. :)



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