Friday, July 16, 2010

stayed over at boyfriend's house.
woke up at 10am for my 打包-ed 糯米饭 (my favorite)!
then continued sleeping till 2pm.
went back home to fetch jiaqi to Holiday Inn.
so alton, jiaqi and i went for the interview as a brand ambassador, while boyfriend drove to Novena to meet his best girlfriend.
after the session, boyfriend brought us to eat at the famous chai tiao kway at this food center.
the chef is deaf!! yet he's able to understand what we ordered.
alot people queue up for the food one leh.

then went to suntec because jiaqi meeting aidil. (>_<)
alton went back Chinatown.
boyfriend and i proceeded with his cravings for waffles @ Gelaré!
look at this glutton here!! xD

nonetheless, i love this glutton :)



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