Monday, August 23, 2010

Aqualabel part two~

below are the pictures taken at the workshop very gladly sponser by shiseido!i went as required of cos!
was a lil late due to the traffic jam.
luckily, the workshop havent started yet when i reached.
so this is how it look like when i stepped foot at the venue.

hersley's MUAH~ xD

our own mini makeup station. xD
a mirror, tissues, foundation sponge and hairclips.
time to 'wash' our face with the creamy oil cleansing.

you just need a tiny weeny bit to remove your makeup!
saw how much the residue there is on the cotton wool? *eeww*

after cleansing, we were given a hot facial towel fresh out from the oven, to clean our face and at the same time, opening our pores for better absorption of the moisturiser we're going to put on our face.

because i tried the red one the previous time, they gave me the blue one to try it out too.
here's one of the staff demostrating how to lift up and firm our skin by pull the side flap of the mask to our face.

what to do while wearing a mask on your face?
after masking, i used the moisture lotion to deeply hydrates the skin and locks it in with high concentration formula of Moist Aqua Keeping Base.
didnt take any much photos from this point onwards as i was beside listening to yanny talk and taking care of my skin :D
so pardon me if there isnt much photos. xD
after that, here comes the moisture emulsion.
it keeps skin plump and youthful and that's what you want when you use skincare products.
to want your skin looking healthy and youthful :)
as i was heading out to meet boyfriend after the workshop, i chose to apple the Moist Protect Milk UV to my face instead of the moisture cream. (night)

last but not least!
i pour a tiny bit of Enhancer MO onto a cotton pad.
patted this all over my face.. you're not suppose to drag it as it would kinda 'smear' your previous skincare products that you've applied on your face.
this enhancer actually helps to forces essential skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of skin so that the benefits are maximally absorbed.
i felt like my skin has this immediate soothing sensation and my face appears to be plumped up! :D
it also have an extremely lightweight texture, as though you haven put on anything on your face before..
and now, you're looking at the whole range of Aqualabel whitening line.
i shall note down the price in case you're interested in purchasing them :)
(from the left to right)
  • Cleanse} White Clear Foam  - $16.90
  • Cleanse} Deep Clear Cleansing Oil - $18.50
  • Soften} White Up lotion (S/R) - $26.90
  • Special Care} Bright White Ex Essence - $35.50
  • Special Care} Reset White Mask - $24.90
  • Moisturise} White Up Emulsion (S/R) - $29.90
  • Makeup Base} White Up Base - $24.90
  • Moisturise} White Up Cream - $31.50
not in photo, we have:
  • Special Care} Enhancer WT - $26.90
  • Sun Protection} White Protect Milk UV - $26.90
  • Sun Protection} Perfect Protect Milk UV - $28.90
  • Makup Base} White Up Liquid Foundation - $25.50
  • Makup Base} White Up Compact Foundation & Compact Case - $28.50

Red = RAD = BOOMZ! xD
Aqualabel moisturising line.
(from the left to right)
  • Special Care} Moist Essence GG - $29.90
  • Cleanse} Creamy Oil Cleansing - $17.50
  • Cleanse} Milky Mousse Foam - $15.90
  • Soften} Moisture Lotion (S/R) - $24.90
  • Special Care} Enhancer MO - $24.90
  • Moisturise} Moisture Emulsion (S/R) - $27.90
the ones lying down facing up in front are:
  • Special Care} Moist Net Essence - $29.90 [the first tube from the left]
  • Special Care} Moist Essence CL - $29.90
  • Special Care} Moist Essence HA - $29.90
  • Base Care} Moist Coat Essence - $27.90
  • Moisturise} Moisture Cream - $29.50

last but not the least, the Anti-acne Whitening Care line. :)
  • Soften} White AC Lotion - $26.90
  • Moisturise} White AC Emulsion - $29.90
  • Special Care} White AC Essence - $29.90

now i'll tell you which is Aqualable product i like most!
as mentioned in my previous post, i bought the Deep clear Cleansing oil and Aqualabel Moist charge Mask.
clearly, they stands out among the rest..
not to say the rest are no good la, just that i particularly like these two when i was shopping at Watsons.
however, after attending the workshop, i got to know and touch on more on the rest of the products, i found out. i actually like to use this! :D
the Moist Coat Essence which is a base care product.
it blends effortlessly into my skin and help to conceal pores which are bigger.
making my skin appear almost flawless!
it also keep my skin soft and moisturized~

the workshop was indeed an eye opener for me as i got to know how to take care of my face in a very detailed manner.
come to realise that actually, it's very important not to skip steps if you want to take good care of your skin.
guidance from the staffs of Aqualabel and the introduction of the products are also very detailed..

as alot of young girls like myself often do, we go youtube and watch the self-proclaimed gurus talk and guide us about all these stuff.. when in actual fact sometime they have no idea about the exacts themselves?
so coming here did open my eyes, hearing from people who are in this industry and doing so well...

from the workshop it did spur me so much to buy more products from this range as i felt it really will help alot in improving my skin!

though bf always comment that my face is already 'flawless'.
but yeah i guess it's [beauty in the eye of beholder].. thats why he said that.
i am really not confident the conditions of my face so i was thinking that with these product, i could really enhance my skin more which i really think needs improving.

yup. so this is concludes my experience at the Aqualabel's workshop.
sorry if it's a lil longwinded. xD

took some photos after the workshop. 
tri babe~



yanny! the-very-small-face and kawaii in charge. :D

Aqualabel was launched in July 2010.
they are available at selected Watsons outlets.
so what are ya waiting for!
go get their products and you'll know what i'm talking about :)

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