Saturday, August 14, 2010

the day i became a pirate. LOL

woke up super early that day.
6.30am sia.
bathed, put on makeup and parents fetched me to duxton hill which is near tanjong pagar.
camwhored on the way there.

with my high forehead (>_<)

thanks to boyfriend, we finally reached the location after much explanation over the phone.

i thought i was late cos the meeting time was 8.5oam according to aki...
but nope, i was the first to reach! :)
waited quite long... till around 9am plus?
all the photographers slowly strolled in.
so are the girls.

made new friends! :D
with cherie and gwen camwhoring in the toilet. xD

pirate, school girl, nurse, policewoman and snow white..

misaki and aki chan.
more photos taken with the babes.
skinny cherie!

these are taken after the shoot. :)

with linda! :D
wooot! didnt expect to see her.
cos she was called up last minute.
am glad that i finally see her in real life for the second time!

cherie and linda.
cherie babe.
zomg she's only 16 years old!
aki babe, the organizer aka policewoman.

misaki babe aka snow white.

gwen babe!

this photo was taken by misaki.
all packing up after the shoot.
parents didnt go home at all!
they stayed in the car all along and waited till for me till around 12 plus.
dropped me at cine's carpark.
so i walked around. went to fairprice finest and bought my fav apple&aloevera drink.
then strolled to centerpoint.
waited for benita to come, passed her her pgmall bag.
then waited from 1pm till 2, for gwen to come and pass me the nail polishes i ordered.
met Sophia and some other onsugarettes. :)

finally 2.15pm came.
took my polishes and bid goodbye to them.
cabbed down to find boyfriend.

he opened the door and there he was.
zomg so cute sia.
*hugs hugs*
he looked damn shag. cos of the flight to india.

slept till late 7 plus.
he gave me a 30 minutes full body massage!
damn shiok.. (cos he say he wanna repay for massaging him the last time and going to find him)

dinner with his parents at golden mile food center.

mee goreng with sunny side up.

zomg this chilli noodles is FUCKING spicy!!!

ah balling 汤圆!
cho oishii. damn nice.

but we did not finish the soup filled with peanuts.
belgium waffles with dark chocolate.

watched teevee, loaded black diamond and casper on funshion.
but we didnt get to watch them in the end cos we were both very tired.
went home earlier that day. at around 1am.

i love my boyfriend :)
and i'm starting to love photoshoots!

thanks for reading :D

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