Monday, August 16, 2010

Hayley's Skincare Regime (Step by Step)

now, i'm going to show you what i normally do to take care of my face when i wake up! :)
1. brush your teeth

2. cleanse your face with a facial foam
(can be bought from guardian or watsons)

3. wash your face thoroughly

you should feel very refreshed and clean!

4. next, use your favourite lotion.
[your face should be able to absorb all the good stuffs you put on your face after cleansing.]
in this case, i used ZA's whitening lotion.

5. pat it on your face gently.

6. next, use the emulsion.
put a few dots on the face and spread them evenly.

7. put on your favourite mask! [pamper yourself!!]
i've recently found this mask and i'm LOVING IT!!!

yes, it's the new Aqualabel's moist charge mask.
so what was it on the packaging that made me bought it?
- spot the word, 'Collagen'. ;)
it's collagen that makes our face improve the elasticity, firmness and QQ-ness. :D

8. tear open the packaging.

9. unfold the mask!

10. tadaaaaaa~

11. spread it on your face nicely. (thanks to jiaqi for helping me!)

12. camwhore, sit back & relax while enjoying your fruit! :D

13. after a good 5minutes, take off the mask.

14. pat the remaining goodness into your face.

your face should feel clean, firm and tight!
*continue enjoying eating my papaya!*


and how did i discover this awesome mask, you might ask.
YES! is from this blogging contest that i participated in!

they have a whole range of red packagine aqualabel products.
specially dedicated for people who wants to moisturize their skin :)

the blue range cater specially for people who just wants to whitening their skin :)

the light blue one is for people who want no acne and at the same time, whiten their faces.
if you want more information on Aqualabel products by Shisedo, check them out on Facebook :D


  1. wad brand of contact lens r u wearing ? is it geo ?

  2. O.O ! can I know whr u get them from ?? been looking for it for a long time .. THANKS :D

  3. hm i get my contact lenses randomly from online blogshop. i lost my link. you can google them :)

  4. o.o ..ok thanks :) nice blog thr :D

  5. you put on mask everyday? (:

  6. nope! only put them on when i feel like pampering my skin. xD



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