Thursday, August 19, 2010

JayontheHay appeared on hardwarezone, the 2nd time.


thanks to someone on facebook informing me.
you know, sometime it's pretty funny to look at those positive and negative comments.
i sincerely thank you guys for taking the time to think of a topic and start a thread there,

still need to think about what to post.
aiyoo.... why the trouble? :D

to sum things up for you, the things they talked about this time,
are mostly base on our looks.

- "who the hell are them, and chengxi!?"
 - "why cannot see their eyebrows one?!".
- "this type = cute meh? never see cute girls before huh?".

we're not famous at all.

we hope to be though :P
dont tell me you dont. cos i believe everyone in this world hope to be known to some extend, one way or another. ;)

people i deem famous are like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong.
the reason we started a page on facebook is because it will be easier for us to post our updates there.
and yup, recently we have our own page too.
not sure about why jiaqi made hers first.
but i did one because i'm making my own facebook a private space, only adding people i know.

oh, by the way!
i've got:
who liked my profile page! :D
arigato! hehehe

  for the dont know how many xth time, WE do not own any Adobe photoshop programs!
BUT, i do not deny that we dont edit our photos. 
heh ;)

and for the last time. 
looks to me, are pretty much subjective.
not sure what the word meant?

some may think we're ugly.
some may think we're okays looking.
some may think we're pretty.
but at the end of the day, it just boils down to how you feel or think about yourself.

maybe you people who READ us might think we actually have a high level of confidence of whatever.
to be frank, we dont.

haha, boyfriend will know.
i actually do not have much confident in myself.
i will often ask myself and him:

why did he chose me out of the girls he knew.
i'm not very pretty (just average), not smart, not a girl with good figure so on and so forth.
and the answer he gave me?
"that's because it's you. you are who you are."

and that reminds me of something from secondary school.
our motto was,"everyone is unique, all can succeed."

 so yeah.
i'm done with all the comparisons between me and jiaqi.
put yourself in our shoes.
 wont you feel hurt if your parents keep comparing you with your friends?
or worse, your own siblings?
about how much they like your brothers and sisters over you.
whether is it in terms of IQ, capabilities etc.
wont you feel hurt?
wont you feel sad?

twins. worse.
because we're born identical, we pretty much look similar to one another.
comparing our looks, (good or bad) are just equally hurtful, unless you're complimenting or criticizing the both of us.

two of the many reasons why i chose chengxi;
he's older:
wiser, more experience in life etc
and JUST SO NICE, he's a twins too.
able to understand what it feels like to be compared etc

pardon me if my post is getting sidetrack.
havent sleep since 4pm yesterday.
brain getting a bit retard xD

but i hope i get my point across. :)


  1. I agree with what you've said !
    Don't have to care much about what others said though.
    Cause you're someone that others cannot be !
    And you're pecfectly you . :D

  2. yay! i'm glad someone agree with me :D

  3. WHR GOT UGLY? so pretty .. i tink u r pretty..
    Seriously , dont hav to care .. canot c eyebrow den canot c la. wht's th big deal.. c'mon , u hav gd figures n pretty eyes n face. serious... so beautiful le ..=)

  4. wah! your compliments super gao! hahahaha~
    thanks alot! really :D



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