Sunday, August 29, 2010

lolol. some unglam photos...
this is the face i always do to boyfriend.
and he always comment that i got this (lao-ren-lian), old people face. LOL

take two.. look fiercer here. xD

woooooot~ fav camwhore photo! :D
love the fringe dear cut for me!

was drinking the 60bucks Rose boyfriend bought for our 6months.


this is one is AHTOON. :D

as i'm blogging this, my boyfriend is right beside watching the soccer match about Man U and West Ham, which i dont know how to appreciate. xD
oh well, but i still love him! (^_^)v

p.s. this is just a random post.. cos i got nothing better to do.
p.p.s. i can finally upload more photos on blogger cos i bought the storage on piscasa web album.
p.p.p.s. 5USD each year for 20 GB sia..  

will you still wanna be my friend if i look like this?

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