Sunday, August 22, 2010

PHOTOSHOOT PART II @ Near Fullerton Hotel
(all the smiling phoots!)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate my teeth! :(
thats probably why you hardly see me smile showing my teeth in photos... 

and this is one of the 'act cute' pose the Chew requested. LOL

blurry effect huh. xD
took by Xavier!

shots taken from bottom up.

boyfriend's favourite photos of me.

he said i look sweet in them. heh

and photos i quite like :) 


with teeth shown.

love this pose! xD


boyfriend came and fetch me for supper and sleepover in the middle of the night.
cos the shoot location is just a few busstop away from his house.
was angry with him because of the clubbing incident.
and he got me this as an apology gift. xD

head down to Bukit Timah for some supper!
the famous boontongkee. :)

the chicken porridge~ DAMN NICE I TELL YOU


 boyfriend ordered this too, cheeseball? LOL
i think by the time we reached back to boyfriend's house and prepare to go to sleep, was already 5am.
thats why i was late for shoot! cabbed down quickly but many roads were blocked due to YOG (>_<)!
camwhored on cab. xD

no smiles....

and smiles! :D

favourite photo of the day!
why i love this photo?
cos it makes me look as if i have a super V face shape! muahahahahaha :D

o sorry to all the photographers waiting for me! paiseh! :(
took some photos during the break with the two other girls who is there for shoot..



more of my camwhore photos xD

some shots Sherlock helped us with my cam.
candid! we were all unprepared.

there you go :)

it was nice meeting the girls!
hope to see you both soon!

so the shoot ended.
rang boyfriend and he came and pick me up! :)
so nice of him even he's tired after his RT.
and while waiting, took two more photos of myself. HAHAHAH
love my eye makeup that day.
1st attempt of putting on sucha thick one!

went back to boyfriend's house and there i collapsed onto the bed and i fell asleep quickly! 
 after we both woke up, joined his family and went to Suntec's food court for some dinner.

sinyee ate 皇帝鸡.
me ate ipoh hor fun.
oishii! :)

boyfriend, jiaxi and uncle ate this! 
cute right the rice shape!

right, long post with loadsa photos!
hope i didnt bore you with them.. :P
if you're free and bored, tell me which is photo you like :D

thanks for reading :)
with loves


  1. p-weeety p-weeeety!! :D love the second, third, and last few pictures! :D Very nicee! :D Jiayou! :D :D

  2. Hayleyyyy! My photos so unglam hahah!!

  3. you were smiling in all the photos leh! where got unglam!!

  4. You looks like kawaii Japanese mei mei, one word cute, forever young and happy




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