Saturday, August 21, 2010

Question on formspring:
Do you think you are a disgrace to family?Cos your bf gave more to you than you give to him.Is it this fair?You are damn bitch!

sorry to disappoint ya.
but my answer is NO, i dont think i'm a disgrace to my family.
my parents are proud to give birth to the both of us though we make them frustrated most of the time.
but they love us because we're their kids. and they are very generous, kind and forgiving.

how am i a 'disgrace' to family, related to my boyfriend?
seriously no link sia you. just made me LaughOutLoud LITERALLY. xD

and my dear, dont you know that;
in a relationship, it's not about who gives more or less. ;)
it's about appreciation, not taking for granted.
and i'm sure that my love for my boyfriend isnt lesser than his.

for the last time, if you mean that i'm bitchy, i wont deny, AT ALL! ;D
every girl has their bitchy side.

so yup, are you happy with my answers? :D
keep them coming alright?

xoxo, Hayley(loves)you

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