Saturday, September 25, 2010

3rd SIA interview.
failed at the second stage. zz cos of the stupid question asked.

here's me with one eye (mascara done), another eye not.
big difference?

this photo with makeup mode.
this photo without makeup mode (T_T)
i know my complexion cui already..

all ready and done! took a cab down to Hyatt!

i love my lashes!!!

Audrey babe was there too. :)

and super coincident, Huishi was seated beside me!
she's my secondary school close mate's JC friend!

here's how the holding room look like.

met Cheryl babe there too! :D

so jiaxi and i failed at the second round - skin test.
exited together and he fetched me to his house!
thought of having lunch together, but i totally forgotten that the blogger event later is at 1pm!
so kind jiaxi sent me to Chjimes! :D

me and candy! (photo credits to June)
we chatted alot man! about airline job and etc.

and here's the speaker talking about the Talika's products.
and some slides presentation. explaining to us about the concept of Talika :)

here's the main character of the day!
powerful lil thing that makes your lashes long and attractive! :D

after the talk, we had some refreshments! :D

and took some photos with jiaqi's new cam from dad, LX5.

after some refreshments, played this 'game'. lol


 almost done! :D

me with the end product! :D

photo picture time!
with Chantana and ahmuimui..

with June :)

will be going a review on this soon!
retails at 89.90 bucks @ Talika.

till then, see ya!

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