Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aqualabel video challenge

so jiaqi and i went down on 8 September for our aqualabel filming.
gosh, we were suppose to go down on the 3rd, but misread the email sent to us.
luckily the Aqualabel team were kind enough to reschedule the dates for us!
Thankyou Yanny and Stella! :D

as you guys would know, jiaqi and i record our singing videos and post them on youtube.
recording videos at home, using our own camera at our own time and pace is really nothing compared to the filming at the office.
facing people around looking at what you're doing, it's really a nervewrecking, and butterflies in your stomach experience!

and here's jiaqi doing her thing. LOL

even though i did prepare what i wanted to say, but once it's my turn to record,
*deng deng* everything just *poof*, all my ideas gone.
even when i speak, super gan chiong sia!
Stella was there to calm me down. hahah :)

after some takes, i finally calmed myself down.
and said what i was suppose to say.

another obstacle i met with..
is the time frame of the video.

the video suppose to last for around 30 seconds.
gosh! it's so hard!!
you gotta include some informations of the product and rally votes in it.
time is precious man~

thanks to windows movie maker, i managed to cut it down to 28 seconds. (*phew* just nice!)

overall, i quite like my performance. :D
hope the judges choose me and i can proceed on to the next round!

i will need your precious help to get me through when the video is out! 

comment on this post below, and i might just INVITE you to be in my private party 
(might be throwing in a small gift just for you)
simply just type," ME "
regardless of your gender. comment down below if you would like to have a chance to meet me! :)

Thankyou for reading this~ :D



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