Sunday, September 19, 2010

guess who is boyfriend trying to imitate? LOL

this animal here! hahaha funny much!

fruit bats!

what's this?! grasshopper lol?

leaf insect?

scorpion! yuck~


two lions resting.


look at my kawaii boyfriend!
guess what's he was trying to do?
kiss the giraffe's arse!

i love the monkey on the pamphlet! so kawaii!

it doesnt like me!

IMHO, i think zebra stinks the most. xD

wooooot! i've cleaveage too leh! hahaha
(secret: wear something like this fucking type romper. even if you're flat chested like me, this fucking tight fitting romper will squeeze out some cleaveage too! HAHA, for more use your arms to squeeze like in the Right photo you see. LOL)

dear and i :D

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