Wednesday, September 22, 2010

why isn't anyone helping me to clear my brand new instocks

my stuffs very expensive meh?
no leh. i think quite reasonable.
i got them at a even higher price lor, never even wear them before (T_T)
i see blogshop selling so much more expensive!

i've got alot of new stuffs at home that i dont wear and bring out.
reasons being.. i no longer like them or they doesn't suit me.

so if you like them, please take them home. :D

sometimes, i wish i have a wardrobe of my own.
because i share with Jiaqi.... mine is bursting out already! 
i have no place to put my clothes nicely.
and are hard to find when i need them.

that's why.. i need to clear them. 
have got more stuffs, but havent take photos of them. 
hais. me lazy shit. bo bian. :O

will it be better if i take pictures of them when i wear them?
like those blogshop models donning the clothes.
comment on my post? :D
sometimes, i feel :( when i see no comments.
if you read my blog, comment la... 


  1. hi!

    yeah i think it'll be better if you take photos of yourself with the actual apparels that you have cos it's more 'real' in that sense. people will have a better idea of how it actually looks like (cos sometimes y'know the item that you get and the item in the blogshop pic is totally different) haha.

  2. yeah... no photos.. pple won be interested to buy de.. don be lazy shit luh!!! keep dating with bf only right?

  3. Wear it and photo it =D it will be superb to see u wearing it..ppl will like x100 de.. =D

  4. @yeun haha okays! point noted! :)
    @1st Anon are you chengxi?! cos you type like him! LOL lazy shit me somemore! (O_O)
    @2nd Anon hahah really? hahahah



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