Thursday, October 28, 2010

apparently, even after i messaged her on facebook telling her to remove my photos, she still doesnt want to  listen.

i'm guessing that she's a follower on my blog/twitter or my facebook page, since i deleted alot of people i dont know on my own private facebook. [for people i know only ;)]

look, she even posted a new album!
compared to the one i saw in September.

please help me report her!! 
thankyouverymuch! hee :) 

sidenote, i've got 707 followers on twitter today and 2345 friends on my fb!
thanks everyone for following me and seeing me type nonsense. xD

oh ya!
help me if you're free!
help my dear dongsaeng to like this and you might stand a chance to win a phone for yourself :)
click on Alton! :D
you will get to this page! :)


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