Monday, October 25, 2010

something is wrong with my leg.

whenever i wear my black sandals, my right foot trips at time.
(not sure is it because of the shoes' heel or what..)

something is wrong with my blood.
i dont know if my body is sensitive to stuffs or what, or that my blood is poisonous (like what my mom have told me since young). 
itchy hands = scars all over my body.
i've always envy girls with those perfect skinny legs and flawless.
because i dont have them. what i have is a pair of scarred legs. (T_T)

something is wrong with my brains.
i'm getting serious STM. (short term memory)
seriously very serious, lol.
after watching the movie, A Moment To Remember, i'm so afraid!
(do catch it if you have the time! it's really a nice and touching movie! i think every guy should be like the main male character in the movie.. never give up on his love ones.)
i'm afraid that i get some illness like this.
it's so scary i feel like (T_T) as i'm typing.
was chatting with boyfriend over MSN while he's over at Brisbane
he googled and told me.
brain is like a muscle, need to be trained and working.
perhaps it have been almost 1year since studying, my brain is starting to get retarded as it isnt learning anything new and useful.
plus my lifestyle super unhealthy! always stay at home use laptop, which cause my brain cells to die due to excessive radiation from the electronic devices around me.
as old people usually get senile after they're retired, because their brain aint working no more.
sadly, brain cells once weaken, almost impossible to train back. (T_T)
another reason, because i hardly exercise, lack of vitamin E as i HATE the sun and i love to sleep.
constant exercising increase bloodflows and enrich the brain.
sleeping too much causes brain to shutdown.
cos i slept too much for the past dont know how many days/months, my brain is off most the time, functions starts to decrease.

and worst. my bioclock is all screwed up.
im missing my beauty sleep ever since............... dont know when.
10pm till 2am.. precious time if you want good skin.

i know i may sound a bit (>_<) but mainly, this is for my information.
just wanna record it somewhere.... before my brain forget them..  [hopefully not... :(]
bear with me alrights?

oh yeah, just saw this someone whom i dont know, uploaded this picture on her facebook.
yeah, laugh all you one.
that's us. i'm the one smiling with my teeth shown.

seriously, i miss that us in that photo which was printed on our school post card.
this photo reminds me so much of the guzheng days / secondary school days.

now take a look at the description and the comments.

just for the record, that dude named Hanzel Plantimaniak who commented;
"sia beh sai sia the twins"
he was in the same class with us since sec 3.
(but he's older than us all by 1 year old cos he retained la.)

goodness. and tell you all the shocking truth.
i actually crushed on him for about 1 year plus? 
he looked so good with his long lashes la.
and he was the first dude i confessed to but got rejected.
yeah, yeah. look like a fucking cheena, so ugly who will want me.
even so, i still received presents and roses on valentine's day hor. LOL
i confessed that i liked him through sms.
but guess what?
he ignored my message.
after a few days, i sms him again.
he replied,' it was just weird. '
so we stopped contacting which other.
i didnt hate him, in fact the crush feeling was still there for quite a while!

after we graduated from sec sch, went into the same ITE.
when we walked past which other, he pretended that he didnt know me.

well, that was all in the past.
just yesterday, my best junior, simin was tagging photos of us back in 2006, our school educational trip to Perth.
already, there's people untagging themselves in the photos.

yup and that's me in my old glasses.
lol, i'm still wearing them in fact. the spec is super durable i tell you! drop on floor plenty of times also wont spoil.
 though i've made new glasses with transition lens, i prefer the old one, more comfortable.
seriously, it's all about how you dress and groom yourself.
hair plays a big part too!
i know i look like a fucking cheena girl in the photos.

but hey, i'm proud of my past.
why untag yourself in the photos?
you should be proud of them!

its true we look ugly last time.
but look at where we are now.
tho we're not very famous or popular. 
but .. there's people envying us.
 and right now, it's all that matters isnt it?

end of rant at 5am in the morning.
gosh, gonna go now.
driving prac at 3pm later!

you may be fucking handsome/pretty last time. 
but look at you now. 
it's a vicious cycle babeh.;)


  1. was the guy's comments refering to you all? he's the si bei sai one please?!?!?! but you all really 女大十八变! :) used to be si bei sai, now si bei pretty la~

  2. At least his girlfriend is pretty & decent looking. She was talking about that teacher also not you 2 -.- You should chill, you are just angry that the guy doesnt want you

  3. chill... but the way u say fucking cheena is quite offensive to the china citizens.
    please remove those.

  4. @valerie yes, he was refering to us. hah. :)
    @anonymous 1 lol. i must be guessing that you're connected to him or his girlfriend. how do you want to chill me? by putting me into the fridge? LMAO and no, i wasnt even angry when he rejected me. just felt like.. wtheck, he could just tell me nicely that we dont suit each other instead of ignoring me. so stop putting words into my mouth aye? ;)
    @anonymous 2 ditto to the chill. lol. how do you know cheena means i'm 'insulting' the china citizens. horhor! you must be the one doing that all along! LOL

  5. @liying yes! she's my dear guzheng junior/leader and secondary school mates! ;)

  6. Oh , haha . What a coincidentally .. She also my friend . What a small world . Anyway , you rmb me ? I was study the same primary school with you and jiaqi , you both are my senior . (:

  7. @liying hm.. sorry, i dont remember you! :/
    pandan primary? hahah...

  8. Is okay . Yupps ! At teban garden there .. Hahaha ! (:

  9. im the anonymous 2.
    hahah cause all my chinese friends from china dont like being called cheena. thr have been news reports abt people feeling offended too.

  10. @anonymous 2 well.. i'm just speaking my mind here. so if you or anyone else for that matter, feels offended, you can stop reading. :)
    whatever you dont know, wont hurts. so yeah..



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