Saturday, October 30, 2010


what were you doing on yours?

jiaqi and i had the Vaunt's classes on Q&A, acting and catwalk class...
(in lesson.. photo credit: Daryl)

random photo of me with eye makeup, with contact and w/o.

so was waiting for Alton to come find us after his work..
had two yogurt with jiaqi from red mango @ Scape.
i think oreo with yogurt is like damn fucking nice!

second serving!

the headgear was sponsored by ahtoon.
was suppose to be mine. but SJQ kop from me.
cos she say her hair also red. :/

some goodies from the Haunted house. lol

and guess who we spotted in Burger King after the walk at the 'Haunted House'? LOL
head to St James' dragonfly after that for Lebel babe's birthday.

Alton and I

Kelly babe was drinking a lot that night!

tadaa! that's how i spent my Halloween 2010~ :D



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