Saturday, October 16, 2010

hey everybody!
how did you spend your saturday? :)

mine was spent in town!
went to Vaunt V's casting with jiaqi and met alton there.

taken with alton's new sponsored LG optimus.
clearly, you will able to differentiate us with our different hair colour now.

this is a photo taken on the spot. goodness cui fringe!
makes my face so fat and big! :(
but i do agree with all the people, my hair is getting way too long!

and here's one with jiaqi and mine.

haha it was a fun experience.
went to the casting because jiaqi told me to accompany her.
so i thought,'aiya, might as well join the audition too. nothing to lose also.'
hahaha was only nervous right before going into the room facing 10 judges.
SIA interview is still like nervous-est la.
oh yeah, back to the call. so i went into the room first.
but after knowing that i'm a twins, they called in Jiaqi too.
we kinda made all of them laughed-out-loud with the way we answered their questions.
kinda had a small tiff in front of them and LOL.
the most (O_O) and awkward part is when we need to catwalk from one red cross to another.
goodness. totally zzz

so after the call, we took the lift down. and tadaa~
SCAPE was having a flea!
walked around and jiaqi bought some rings.
alton went to this korean yogurt shop and his poly mate gave him FREE yogurt!!
my foot really cannot tahan heels sia. fucking pain and confirm will kena blisters when i wear them.
luckily we saw this place selling this!

fruit platter. zomg, look so pretty lor!

walked around orchard.
legs yelling for help!
saw taka having this giant square selling stuffs.
bought a pair of shoes! 26bucks~
bling bling!
like my nails! :D
(click to enlarge to seee the goodness of holographic) xD
Color Club - Fashion Addict.
very chio pinkish purple holographic.
i cant stop staring my nails when there's sunlight!

very happy!
boyfriend is coming home on Sunday after not seeing him for 1 week! :(
he went to Germany, Munich and saw Johnny Depp!!!

thanks for reading! xD

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