Sunday, October 03, 2010

shouldn't have bought your ticket..
feel so (pekcek = zzz) after reading your tweet.
i should have known.. when i see you so distracted while me and jiaqi was messing around when the songs are playing.
how i wish dongsaeng was there to enjoy the songs with us.

everything was fine,
till you hit my ass so hard, it kinda hurts.
i was kinda angry, but still, i jokingly hit your ahem.
you got kinda violent. 
hit my ass and carried me in a way to let me think i'm almost going to fall.
i struggled, you let me back down on ground.
this time, i got frustrated la. 
and you strangled me twice. (Y) one. 
fucking painful shit.

"i thought we were just playing around?! why are you so violent?!"
thank god, you apologized when we were back at your house.
- 算了, i let it go -

but something you said while we were enjoying our soya milk.... 
yes, it's a joke.
but i dont think it's funny.
in fact, i was mad disappointed.. that you said something like that in the past.
so much teasing going on in the club huh.

something i dislike;
you always joke about things that you think IS funny, but you didnt exactly think through your mind, if it's suitable for me to hear.

what a fun-at-the-start but disappointing-ending day this is. 

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