Sunday, October 03, 2010

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"how do you take care of your super long hair?"

that's like the most commonly asked questions i get all times.

here's how! :D
i'm going to introduce to you the full range of Essential hair products,
loadsa thanks to The Sample Store providing me the full range of their hair products~

frankly speaking, before this sponsored post, our family were already using the Rich Premium Shampoo, Conditioner and the Hair Mask Shea Butter. we switched from Asience ;)

here's the Essential Rich Premium line in orange color.

here's the Essential Nuance line in pink color! 
guess who is the main characters of this post today?
p.s. cant help myself but i love my teeth in these photos! look so straight~ (O_O)

and i'm going to talk about the Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence!
saw on the packaging
it's a Anti-frizz serum (All-day smoothness and bounce)!
- that's exactly what i need for the last 15cm of my long hair!
i love it!
"why so?!", you may ask.

just look at the conditions of my hair (before using)!
*the last photo damn (≧ω≦)!
look at how frizzy my hair is!!!
because i tortured my poor long hair with all the chemicals like hair dyes etc, they tend to get very untame!

so in order to tame my hair, i use the nuance airy hair essense!

step 1: pump a tiny weeny on your palms.

step 2: rub your palms together with the essence.

(see my oily hands?) xD
step 3: spread the essence through your hair evenly.

pay attention to your hair ends! 
they are the ones getting all the split-ends!

step 4: comb through your hair with your fingers, gently
(to smoothen your hair - sometimes, i feel that fingers work better than comb!)

step 5: i always press my hand against my fringe
(so they will get some goodness too. xD dont waste the rest of the essence ma!)

now! let's take a look at my hair (after applying the essence)!

the last 15cm of the hair is most important because they are the part people see most.
now that you've read my post, go get some Essential products and try them out!
tell me what you think or how you feel about the products if you've tried them! ;)

Thankyou The Sample Store once again.

see you guys soon!
got so many things to blog about!

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