Sunday, October 24, 2010

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yay~ received new items from The Sample Store.

and these are what i've got this time round!
products from Bioré
as you can see, i've got the Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets before they sent me.
means i've been using that sheet to remove my makeup :)

i did some makeup on my eyes to do the demo.
haha not very good at putting eyeshadow, thats why you hardly spot me with them on.
if you notice, i've got two different style on my eyes using brown. lol.
i prefer the one you see on the right. 
the one on the left, a bit too over, dramamama.

so now, take out a piece of the Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet!

rest the sheet on your eyes for rougly 5 seconds.
then rub it off gently.



the remains of the makeup on the sheet.

lol. then i anyhow pat on some orange eyeshadow..
okays. i know i look weird here. xD
two different shadows!

i totally redid my makeup on the left side la to demo again.

this time round, i used the Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip.

wooot! i love this photo!
can see the effect of the remover coming out of the water!
love self timer. xD
so, you put a tiny weeny out onto a cotton pad.

like so...

and repeat the step of leaving the cotton wool on your eyes for 5 seconds.
then gently remover your makeup.

look at the residues and my lovely chio nail colour! xD
that's what the awesome makeup remover can do!
there's a light rose fragrance to this makeup remover too :)

last but not least, it's the latest water-based makeup remover!
this time, i tried to do a copy of this on my eye!
i know, kinda failed. but whatever.. xD
as stated on the packaging, there's no need to rub and tug on your eyelids.
it gently removes all stubborn makeups and the formula is non-greasy.
as usual,

i forgotten to take an after photo of my eyes!
but you rougly know how it will look like, seeing the residues on the cotton pad. :)

these makeup removers are really effective!
normally, i would always rub my eyes to get the makeups and waterproof mascara off my eyes and lashes.
but with these, it was so much easier! :D
if you're looking for a makeup remover now, buy these!

go set an account up at The Sample Store
and click on this / the widget below for the free samples. :)


  1. Can I ask how come Sample Store will send u freebies to try on?? :) Just curious la..

  2. Hello. Can i asked how to proceed the free sample from the website ? Do you mind if you list down the steps for me as the website is quite confusing, thanks much !^^

  3. hihi can i ask wher you got ur eyeshadow? Which there is so many colour to use. =]

  4. @anonymous 1 hm, cos i received an email from them!
    @anonymous 2 simply click the links on my blog :)
    @anonymous 3 i bought it online! :) woot you commented on 1111~ nice!

  5. Hi , which online you brought from ?



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