Monday, November 01, 2010

got all of these stitch presents long time ago when boyfriend returned Singapore from Nagoya and Taipei.
is like alot sia! first time received so many stitch items one shot...
(total 12 items!) (O_O)


thankyou my dear darling! :D

spray bottle, notebook and stationaries~
and a spectacle box! all stitch!!

lol.. i even have stitch gummies.
不舍得开来吃 sia!

up next; wooot see the bling bling stitch!! hahah
cant wait to use this stitch cover as soon as i get my iphone4 when my daddy returns from work overseas!

isn't this earpiece the cutest lil thing!! zomg. 
love the stitch on it! CHO KAWAII!

dear boyfriend is so clever to get me bowl and plate!
hahah so i can think of him even when i'm eating or drinking soup. LOL
good idea desho? hahah

and guess what's this for?
- to put sanitary pads. LOL right!!

and how can we miss out a small towel with stitch on it!

miss you so much!
wonder how are you doing at abu dhabi right now..
doing your turnaround i guess?
please take loadsa care and drink more water!
remember to moisturize yourself oh!
i love you, and happy 9th month! 


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