Sunday, November 28, 2010

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if you've been to Watsons/Guardian, you shouldnt be unfamiliar with these brand/products ;)

i've been reading beauty blogs for quite sometimes. 
and realised that Eucerin is quite a good brand. :)

in the photo below, we have (from L to R) Eucerin's:
 - DermoPURIFYER Scrub
 - DermoPURIFYER Cleanser
 - DermoPURIFYER Crème Gel

after receiving the products from The Sample Store, i've been using it for about 1 week plus..
so here's my take;

the Scrub..

WOW, i LOVE IT. (not just because i'm a fan of exfoliating my face! - READ ON! ;))

"WHY!?", you may ask.
  - it's because exfoliation helps to unclogs pores and refines skin texture while reducing blackheads and blemishes.

i've been using St Ives for quite a period of time in the past and i thought that was the best, until i tried this out. for me, St Ives's a lil too 'harsh' for my face.. even tho each time i uses them my face feels clean but the particles are kinda big.
however, Eucerin's scrub contains PORE REFINING micro PARTICLES!
(see the green green thing? :D)

p.s. it's not my hand btw. boyfriend's. (yes, i let him try out and he likes it too!)

they exfoliate the skin GENTLY without damaging it.
it also contains this ingredient named Lactic Acid, which help to work directly on where your pimples come from, and doesn't dry out your skin!

it smells so so NICE! love the aftermath scent that lingers on my face after i wash it off.

this is definitely a MUST-BUY PRODUCT! :D
i will go replenish this after mine finish..

next up, the Cleanser..

normal face wash would makes your face feels refreshed (like there will be this clean feeling - if you know what i meant) after you rinse off with water.
but Eucerin's Cleanser doesnt feel that way.
which is kinda of unique in a good way, as the formula is soap&fragrance-free with 6% of Ampho-Tenside.

i remember the first time i used it, i was like,"EH! how come no bubbles one?! like weird leh.."
even when i rinse it off with water, my face still feels like i didnt-not-wash-properly that kinda of feel.
but once i pat dry my face, VIOLA smooth, clean, fresh and SUPPLE skin revealed! :D

last but not the least, we have the Crème Gel!
troubled by blemishes and pimples?
here's your saviour!

this Crème Gel has this unique liposomal transport system which directly delivers the Lactic Acid to the follicles where the acne & blemishes are originated.
which reducing them, it helps to moisturise the surrounding areas too!

i used this Crème Gel on areas around my nose. 
even tho you cant see it on photos, there is!
if you tell me you dont have any acne / whatsoever, it's good that you use it. 

 - cos prevention is the KEY! ;D

oh yeah, you're advised to massage gently onto affected areas after you finish cleansing your face with Eucerin's Cleanser :)

so yeah, there you have it! :D 
(sorry that some of the photos are inverted! teehee)

anyways, if you wanna try out some of these in samples form, click here / the box below! :D


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