Friday, November 19, 2010

think this is the first time you guys see me with my new hair cut! :D
yes, i FINALLY have bangs!

gotta go to Bedok Reservoir for some U-Kiss boys now! hee.
boyfriend gotta fetch me there and he will be going to his celebrity football match. 
wish him luck! :)


  1. hello hayley i saw the video vaunt 5 photoshoot
    , erm no offence i think you should do the makeup in this post cause in the video the makeup abit too dark? haha erm i'm not very good at makeup but erm this is what i think
    please don't feel offended okay . Jiayou!

  2. like your makeup in this post , its nice (:
    how you do it?

  3. @anonymous 1 hahaha totally not offended! yeah, i know right! i hate the makeup in the video too! looks as if i'm wearing a mask on my eyes! but Daryl said that he wanted something drama mama.. so bo bian :(

  4. @anonymous 2 hahah! thankyou. put on some eyeliner and falsies w a lil white shimmer at my tear duct area! :D

  5. Did you rebonded your hair?

    Just to tell you this, you seriously look nicer with bangs than with side fringe.

  6. @anonymous 3 yes i did! in fact, i rebonded it on Oct 25 :) hahah, different people = different perception.. i have never cut center parting bangs so this is like the first time.



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