Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 have come to an end.
what do you wish for in the year 2011?

for me, i wish that everyone around me to be healthy and happy!
many things to wish for in fact.

i hope my parents be healthy, smiling & win lottery! LOL xD
i wish that mom's health would improve.
i wish jiaqi and i will treat our parents even better.
i wish that my sister could find a guy that loves her like how my boyfriend loves me.
i wish that my sister would be more obedient or listens more to what i have to tell her. 
i wish that jiaqi and i will (hopefully...) get into Alpha Ent, tho it's like damn effing hard.

i hope boyfriend will always be safe while he's working.
i wish that i can be a good and better girlfriend to him (please guide me along, my love!)
i wish i can control my mood swings better.

i hope that i will not lose any more friends, anymore.
thank you Natalie and Shawn, for still talking to me after all that had happened.
btw, ah toon! i love you!  xD heeee

hahaha! i do hope to get more sponsorships for my blog too! :D
(*hint hint* psst, email me now! xD)
i'm glad my blog's stats have been increasing steadily each day. ;)
will try to blog as often as possible. 
dont wish to click back my archives and find posts getting lesser and lesser..

thank you for all the support and compliments.. (negative comments too..)
it's cos of you all, i'm trying to improve myself.

last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! ;D
i love you all la.. really.
if not for you guys, i would not be what i am today :)

p.s. help me clear my bags, kays? 
:D (clearance sales below! ;))


  1. I like how you appreciate and cherish everything and everyone around you. (:

    Happy New Year 2011 tomorrow.

  2. @Exuvalia Happy new year to you dear! :D



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