Thursday, December 16, 2010

if any of you watched the Channel 8's  6pm / 10pm news (and if you're observant enough), you would have spot me inside!

yes, i was invited to the culinary institute open house @ Temasek Poly.
what a grand welcome for me! have to admit that i am quite taken aback by this reception and immediately i feel that i am quite under-dressed for the occasion! (T_T)

all the servers (who are the students) are all smiles while attending to all of their VIPs... 
so glad and flattered to be regarded as one too by them!
*spot the camera man behind!* its actually kinda a big event that is well covered by media!
don't know exactly why initially.. now i know thou (cos i watch the news!)

pretty annabelle posing for a nice photo under the sign 'the top table'.
it's actually place for people to dine in. super nice and elegant la all the furnitures!

*spot the cameraman again*
everyone was busy mingling around. i felt like a little girl in a whole new adult world.
excited yet too afraid to mingle, just stood quietly by the side, snapping loadsa photos with my casio.. :)
hehe.. did felt a lil out of place too, like a stranger to events like this sort.

everybody's fruit punch was served from this beautiful bar.

 here we have Mr Raymond and Althea, mingling.

each time there's an event, and when we were given a tag like that, i feel awesome. hahaha! 
(if you get what i mean :))
 after some waiting, we were finally ready to go into the culinary theatre for the speech giving!

wooot! plently of people coming from different parts of the world and different walks of life (mostly from the cooking/education side).
 i was like,"WOW." when i saw this:
spot the Mr Seetoh who host Teevee variety of Makan Sutra! ;)

speech commends! giving some brief introductions.

 1st speech giver from S.I.T. :)

 everybody listening attentively.
and the rep from the Culinary institute of America.

last but not least, we have the Temasek Poly's representative.

ah, and here comes the champagne!

 here's Annabel and me toasting. hahah!

plus Freda! :)
yup, so speech ended and we were all divided into groups for the tour around the new building.
we were in the group of Orange (cos of our lanyard).
 1st stop on the second floor, we were brought to take a look at this chio cafeteria named, Sugarloaf!

and this lady is a member of the faculty, explaning to us that the students will all have a chance to bake and serve food in the cafeteria for others.
The lady here is explaining to all of us as we tour around.

see how focus everyone is? of cos!!! its very interesting!

a study room for the students! free wifi and electric plug! like relax and nice.. i love it!
next is a project room. i suppose it's where they do their presentations? :)
*insides of the project rooms*

and woohooo, we went into this room! where the students were preparing food for us!
look at how intricate these desserts are! :D
did you see what i saw?!?!

YES! FONDUE FTW!! with different types of hot chocolate in it.

the fruits/marsh mellows that goes with the chocolates.
*aiya, should have took the strawberries instead of marsh mellows! ;/*
a student demostrating...

and this is Annabel trying one of their desserts. :)

and gosh! i LOVE CREME BULEE!!!!

the thin layer of  caramel on top melts when it's in your mouth. damn sweet and yummy!
macarons! (didnt have the chance to taste them as i was so busying taking photos!)
apple pie!

toffee! i love the design! so chio!
and many more! (im going to just show the pictures, cos i cant remember the names of the desserts. haha)
after some dessert tasting session, we went to the Skills Kitchen.
first food we tasted was this that is made of potato... (GO KU MA!)
hardworking students cooking them on the spot to ensure freshness.
and Annabel busy taking photos too! hahaha
they served us beef too! not bad! quite tender.
 students servers with a happy smile on their faces! (that's the spirit! :D)

pretty Annabel with her food~

haha so cute, they placed the food on a steel spoon!

this is damn nice! salmon and veggie below. i love food with awesome sauce.. damn tasty!
 this chicken with thai sauce. woohoo! *surdap!*
 "hey, why are you girls crowding around?!"
 "it's Mr Seetoh!"

woot, took a group photo with him! :D
 this is Freda and Althea trying out the beef. hehee.
and chiobu Annabel trying out with my camera's makeup mode. hehehe.

after enjoying the food, the tour continued. we went to exact same Skill Kitchen. (except this is the old one.)
 loadsa spices and ingredients..

and this is the place where the chef teacher will demo how to cook the food once, and the students are expected to grasp the idea and cook it out again. (kinda like their assignments)
 we went up to this second level.

went through this place with loadsa mics, speakers and big screens. (i suppose its a place for their chef or teachers to have their meetings etc.)
walked to this room:

guess what is it for!!!
under the greenish blue squarish glasses, there's still a light for the students to see the colour of the wine!
how cool is their facilities lor! everything look so stylish!

and we walked through 'The Top Table' once again, and the tour officially ended at around 12pm plus.
now that i'm not studying in Kaplan anymore, TP's culinary course seems to be a good option for me to consider huh! hahahaa! :D
so if you're a student fron TP, good for you cos you get to go and try out how awesome their food taste! 

thanks for reading this awesomely long post. hahaha! xD

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