Thursday, December 09, 2010

JYPE & Alpha Entertainment Audition!
09 Dec 2010

slept over at boyfriend's house in the morning and had dear to send me home at around 5/6am plus.
prepared and we're off for Senja CC in CCK.
boy, that place is effing hard to find! we were going round and round in circles!
luckily i own an iphone4! thanks to the maps application!

photos taken on car while dad's fetching us there..

makeup of the day.

when reached at around 8am +, the queue was quite short compared to the rest of the days.

camwhoring while waiting for our turn to come.
heart was beating so fast la!

how it's like outside the audition room.
and here's our audition process:

3 girls before my turn.
1st girl kinda did poorly for her catwalk. she wasnt even catwalking/posing to be frank.

but this two girls who sang, gosh fucking powerful voice! (kinda shocking that they weren't shortlisted.)

and finally my turn!
0844! :D
i was so nervous i tell you. my heart was beating so strongly till i'm able to hear my heartbeat.
i'm effing happy that i didnt went out of tune and i sang fucking loudly! ;)
chloe babe told me she heard me singing when the door was opened and she was standing outside.

and it was ahtoon's... who sung 真实 by 张惠妹。

and jiaqi's suppose going to sing 写一首歌 by 顺子。
but in the end, unconsciously she sang 记得 by 张惠妹 LOL

posted this cos i was caught smiling on cam! xD

went back to the waiting room for our results and watched some performances (people who have yet to go through their auditions). ah toon sung SHINee's Hello in front of the crowd! everybody is like cheering for him!

so being the only friend there, i accompanied Chloe babe even after ours ended.
from waiting for her turn (0992 was her number - almost a thousand sia!), till her results.
and that's her sitting outside while waiting for her turn.
and this is us getting interviewed by Kee Yun (from the new paper) after we were bring into this room to have our profiles taken (also known as the camera test).

and off we go to Jurong Point for JQ's dental appointment.
jiaqi really is SJQ, forgotten to bring her retainer. *wasted trip*
brought family and alton to Menichi at basement for oishii ramen.

effing love the egg! the sauce is damn oishii!! :D

last photo for the post:

yup, that's all for the day.. next post up will be on 11th Dec. :)
till then, see ya and thanks for reading!


  1. woohoo~~congrats~
    wow~~u gals jiayou yea!
    U looks pretty with makeup~~but prefer w/o cuz damn cute de~~hahax..(Erm..Ima gal...but really think u r a cute maknae~xd)
    All e best to u gals n all the shortlisted...

  2. @Anonymous1 haha :D thankyou for your compliments! :)

  3. Good Luck! Hope you can pass the audition! :))

  4. wait u're male? hehe! :p hope u get through ya! :D and damn chio or what ^^

  5. hey where did you get all those JYP audition's photos :)

  6. @Anonymous2 haha thanks :)
    @Anonymous3 LOL trying to be funny ah?
    @Anonymous4 haha a forum SGKwave i think.

  7. What did you sing for the audition?

  8. @Anonymous5 cant fight the moonlight.

  9. Can you post a video of you singing it? :D !

  10. your gender was male! HAHAHA! FUNNAY MAX



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