Thursday, December 23, 2010


makeup of the day for the filming of Now You Know. :)

and change of clothes. xD

with SJQ.

 camwhore photo of me again. hahaha xD

Gillian and Don doing their thing.

Jillian helping jiaqi out with the fur thing around our chest.

how can we end the day without a group photo?

so the filming ended, i accompanied jiaqi to Bugis's Milly for her nails to get painted.
bored = camwhoring. hahahaha


after which, boyfriend came to Bugis and fetch us to ESCAPE THEME PARK! WOOHOO.
the last time i was there was like 2007? celebrate my 16th birthday with my sec sch besties. (oh wells....)
dined @ pastamania...
   - bad choice. their pasta isnt even tasty!

camwhored outside the entrance.
we sat all the games! super lil people and super lil games/rides. *boring*
sent jiaqi home and boyfriend brought me back to his house and show me my xmas prezzies! heee!

santarina apron and hat.
white bubbly skirt from Japan. :)

and this is my birthday present!
3D Cinderella card! damn cool!! (dont know if you can see the effect anot la..)

and a whole STITCH galore!
2nd stitch towel, 2nd stitch marshmellows, 2nd stitch bag, 2nd stitch plate, 2nd stitch bowl, 3rd stitch landyard.
stitch file, stitch utensils, stitch passport holder and a pair of stitch gloves & beanie.

alot right?!
(still got some of the item i never take photo yet.)
- pink stitch water bottle
- purple swarovski crystal black ink pen (limited edition - he bought in Europe)
felt so guilty cos i only bought him a pair of Pattino shoes. haha. x/

thankyou my love for the presents!
i know you spent loadsa effort in finding them one by one. :)
i know, i know it all! 
really appreciates them.. will try to use all of them. haha (kinda hard tho.) 



  1. Merry Christmas. (:
    Looking pretty as usual.

  2. @Exuvalia haha merry xmas to you! and thanks for your compliment! :)

  3. Hayley, do you know that you're damn adorable! Merry Christmas dear!

  4. @Anonymous1 haha thank you! merry xmas to you too!



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