Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sponsored Review

as promised! here's my take about Bio-Essence's Bio Platinum BB Cream (one on the extreme left)! :D

posing with the BB cream. if you watch HongKong drama, you will know the girl on the packaging.
Linda from TVB.

so all you need is the small drop of the BB Cream, and it will work the magic!
dot on the areas you need (to cover scars, redness, pimples etc)

and you start to blend the BB Cream with your ring finger. and tadaa!
see the differences?!
on the right side of my face, you can obviously see my dark circles gone even if this photo is taken without flash. my face instantly got lit up!
Review of the Bio Platinum BB Cream:
  - this BB Cream is even better than Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream cos of its 10 in 1 effects.
  - it has this Tanaka extract as its ingredients and it helps in whitening of the skin.
  - from some googling, i found out that Platinum is actually a very rare ingredient that helps to boost the skin's ability to protect itself from free radicals (UV rays etc).
  - it contains anti-oxidants to reduce wrinkles and lines.
  - it acts as a concealer, makeup base and sun block due to it SPF 25.
  - this BB Cream also help to create a natural, nude makeup with a luminous glow (not too cakey and fake)
  - tho i find it a lil bit too runny for me, the coverage is really good.

here's a Teevee Commercial for you as a reference if you still have not seen in on Teevee! :D

guess what! Bio-Essence is kind enough to extend the referral program to every single one of you!
if you guys manage to refer 20 friends to redeem, you will get yourself a free Bio-Essence product! :D

and here's something for all of you if you girls wanna try it for free! ;)

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