Friday, December 17, 2010

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ever heard of Dress me Facial Masks? yeah, they are kinda new to Singapore market.
here's how they look like.

pampered my dear face with Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask a few days ago.
even the smell of the mask is so refreshing. when i put it on, my face feels like there's this cool sensation (like when you pop a mint into your mouth and breath - that kinda of feeling.)
when i woke up the next morning, my skin felt the same when i put in on.
it's kinda cool, cos this is like the only mask i used so far which have this type of effects for me.

according to the packaging, Dress Me Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask hydrates skin with adequate amount of moisture retention that allows skin to remain moisturized for a long period of time.
Trehalose balances and maintains the moisture level and protects it from hydration naturally.

and just this morning, i used the Silky & Soothing Mask for my face.
like what that name of the mask is, my face felt soft and smooth.

found on the back of the mask, Dress Me Silky & Soothing Mask provides protection to the skin and increases moisture retention within the skin. 
Helichrysum Angustifolium enhances skin’s renewal process and even out skin tone for smooth and relaxed skin.

oh yeah, before i forget.. Dress Me is currently having a promotions for all customers!
go like their FB page for more information about their contest that is currently going on! :D
you're are also encourage to blog about the reviews of the mask to have a higher chance of winning a box of Dress Me Masks! (3 winners with the best reviews will be selected weekly!)

you can purchase Dress Me masks @

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yup, that's all folks! thanks for reading! :)

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