Monday, December 13, 2010

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i guess almost everybody (if you watch TV often) would have seen/heard of this brand!
and Mediacorp artiste's pretty Michelle Chia is endorsing this brand as well!

so first product imma talk about;
Ginvera's Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

before started to use this, i was like thinking to myself:
'how can gel-like products helps my skin to improve?'
now i know the answers!
if you're looking for something to remove blackheads or dead skin cells (that's if you dont like the idea of using exfoliate-products), why not try Ginvera's Marvel Gel!
here are some benefits of this awesome Whitening Marvel Gel:
  - rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
  - contracts pores for refined skin (as dead skin cells have been cleared from pores)
  - rubs away blackhead painlessly
  - lightens black spots, freckles and scars
  - brightens dull complexion
  - regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
  - allows skin care products to be quickly absorbed into the skin

sorry, that i have to show you this ugly-before-using-marvel-gel photo..
yeah, i know.. my skin quite cui now. (T_T)
not sleeping well lately, hais hais.
the texture of the Marvel Gel is very smooth. 
feels like i'm just cleansing my face with my own cleanser.
oh, i like the way it smells too! light green tea, very refreshing!
i find my face getting a lil lighter after much usage. 
tho i have no blackheads around my nose, i do have a lil freckles!
you can see its kinda not visible now. xD
this product is absolutely safe for daily use and on eye areas.
each time i finish using it, my skin really really really, feels super soft!

anyways, in case you think this Marvel Gel is used with wet face,
you're wrong! HAHAH

you're suppose to use it daily on dry face with dry fingers.
squeeze a sufficient amount on to your fingers and dot them on your face/neck.
massage for about 1 minute then rinse it off with water/your fav facial cleanser.

and viola~ soft and QQ skin is yours to own!

the next famous Ginvera's product is none other than the Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away!
Unique Visible Results!
like what's written on the box, it delivers! :D
see below photos and you shall judge it yourself.

1st thing to do when you get your Jade Roller from Ginvera:
- Tilt the Roller 45 degree downwards for the goodness to flow out, just a lil is all you'll need.

- then start to roll it in a clockwise manner, like so:

last step is to pat the goodness into your skin to aid absorption. :D
my eye area got smoother and its easier for me to apply eyeshadow on my eye lids.
and thanks to this product, even tho i sleep late, i hardly have any dark circles/eye bags!

so if you want to try this out yourself, why not go redeem the sample size before you lay your hands on the original size ones? ;)

FYI, all photos in this post are not taken with my camera's makeup mode. ;)

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