Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sponsored Review

received an email from The Sample Store to review Bio-Essence's BB creams!

as you can see there's 3 different types of BB creams that Bio-Essence is currently having.
 - Bio Platinum BB Cream - WHITENING (will be reviewed soon!)
 - Bio Multi Effect BB Cream - COVERAGE (main star of this post! :D)

i'm more of a concealer person! cos to me concealing your flaws is like the most important step for makeup.

"with a flawless canvas to work with you will have a beautiful painting."
   - Hayley Woo LOL xD

so yeah, here's how the first BB cream look like!
the packaging is like SUPER CHIO PURPLE! ME LIKEY! (^_^)

and here's me after cleansing my face and applied moisturizer. (no makeup mode)
and yes, i need to kinda trim my brows already! sometimes, it's so troublesome to be a girl. hahaha

squeeze a tiny bit out from the tube onto your hand and use your finger and dab onto the areas you wanna hide.
(eg: pimples, dark circles etc.)
and you're suppose to pat the BB cream onto the desired areas, not spread it if you want even application.
cos they are BB creams, you dont need to worry about the colour. 
they will sort 'know' your skin tone and blend in well like MAGIC!

2 photos here for show (1 with flash and 1 without.)

i like to use my ring(fourth) fingers to blend! and tadaaaa~

see the differences?

BEFORE    and    AFTER

my dark circles significantly got covered by the BB cream.
just by concealing your dark circles, you will look more refreshed in whole!
and the good thing about this BB cream is that it has 8 in effects with SPF 25~
now you can even skip applying sunblock!

still worried about the results? fret not! 
in a survey done by Hongkong Fashion and Beauty Magazine among 6 other competitive BB creams, the Bio Multi-Effect BB cream came up FIRST in terms of having the best coverage.

and yup~ there you have it! shall end this post with 2 full makeup face of mine. hahahaha!
next review up next will be the Bio Platinum BB Cream! :D

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