Monday, December 06, 2010

Sponsored Review

received a package from The Sample Store recently.
and something special about these products is that i'm of the 7 chosen bloggers! *love to be exclusive :P*
so today, i'm going to introduce to you to this new brand named: Lisselle.

i'm quite sure many have never heard of this brand right!
i would be one of you many people too if wasnt sponsored! hee...

since it's a brand that i havent heard before, i always have doubts before using them.
(oh, did i mention how pretty their packaging is? ;))

but to my surprise, they are really good!
oh FYI, all of the products are made in Switzerland. (angmoh country sounds atas right!! hahahaha)

1st up: Lisselle's youth guard hydrator!

this is me using it...

after cleansing and toning my face, i pat this onto my face.
my firm feels smooth after that!
the purpose of the hydrator is to strengthens skin metabolism and promotes healthy cell regeneration.
it helps to repair skin that is exposed to free radicals (like harmful UV rays etc) which at the same time, protects skin against premature aging and discolouration!

i realised my skin colour improved since i started using it.

if you want to regain your skin lightness (whitening effects) and youthfulness once more, this is the product for ya! ;)

2nd we have the Lisselle's youth protector essence..
it's a transparent serum as you can see.
and again, this is me using the products.. hee
the youth protector essence is an invigorating botanical essence to help re-engerize skin at the intercellular level.

break it down for you;
this essence is deeply penetrated into the skin to strengthen it.
it helpes when you want good elasticity, revitalized radiant and re-defined contour.
one of the properties in the product deliver intensive moisture replenishment that lasts throughout the day and night :D
thus, if you want smoother, firmer and brighter skin, this is a good product for it.. ;)

LASTLY! i especially like Lisselle's urbanista defence cream!

Why do i like it?!
  - it contains SPF 30 (which is alot! cos most product contains SPF 15 + only..)
  - it smells AWESOME! (not your typical makeup product smell)
  - it's an ALL-in-1 cream (with skin care benefits, makeup functions & sun protection!!!);
     how COOL is this!?! it's not easy to find something like this leh.. some BB cream also dont have lor. :)
  - it's easy to blend!

if you read all of the words in this blogpost, somewhere you might notice this word;
yup, the urban fashionista are actually having a contest on their facebook!
and you're able to participate in the URBANISTA Photo contest if you're interested!

simply upload a full body shot photo that shows you are a URBAN/Moderm woman, by wearing something fashionable.

example like this:

(this one is extra tho.. haha just to show off the back of my chio top.. xD)

here's the official poster!
i absolutely love the drawings on it! xD


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