Tuesday, January 11, 2011

did you realise that today is that very special day? :D

even my formspring has got 1111 questions! cool shit!


have you caught it?
i sure have! because my dear boyfriend is missing me while he's in reservist. xD
he look so cute, isnt it?! muahahahaha! that's why i'm so in love with him.

went to Novena Square and had Aston for dinner!

 shared chargrill fish and steak with dear.

had yoguru yoghurt for that. awesome shit.

and i wish that everyone around me (especially my loves one) is happy, safe and healthy.
have a beautiful day ahead everyone! :D

p.s. wish me luck for my 2nd TP tomorrow! :D


  1. yah~ur baby boii looks cute just like you!
    you 2 really looks good tgt~must stay longlong tgt oh..haha!
    Everlasting love,Jiayi&chengxi!

  2. great timing for the great post. and congrats on ur license! :) (Y) Last long with chengxi ! :D



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