Saturday, January 08, 2011

early in the morning 5 o'clock, came home from boyfriend's house.
unfortunately, one of the wheels punctured on the way home, on the expressway.
i was like,'shit... what to do..' cos boyfriend is kinda running late for his flight to Perth. :(
hais, felt so guilty.. like i was the one causing him not enough sleep and everything.
shouldnt have agree when jiaxi asked me if i want to meet boyfriend since he's around my house area. :/
oh wells....

so in the end, dear called for a cab and he sent me to my house's market.
and i bought these for breakfast (for mom, jiaqi and i).
in the end, i only ate half of Meepok, 1 piece of sausauge and shared half of the Teh with mom.
even though i didnt sleep much and was feeling tired, i didnt go nap!
instead, i went to paint my nails.
(before cleaning up, twitpic-ed this too!)
Chinaglaze's Side Saddle and Chinaglaze's Nova (effing bling shit!).

started preparing at around 9am plus.
cabbed to town to work, clicknetwork was there to film one of the special episode for Chick VS Dick..
stupid uncle drive so slow and cheat my 60cents. knowing that i'm rushing, he said,"since you got no time i just give you 6bucks la." (i gave his 20bucks) - when i alight, i was like WTF?! aiya, why i so stupid shit to let him cheat my 60cents anyways.


that's me and jiaqi walking along the stretch of Orchard Road from Ngee Ann to Mandarin Gallery with helium balloons and Maybelline's eyebrow pencils in our hands, giving out to strangers.
keep getting rejected lor.. damn sad. :(
hahaha, candid pictures. xD

oooh! i like how how arms appear so skinny on photos! xD
of course we took photos!
with Nicolette's sister.

and this is with Arrian's friend, whose name i forgotten. :/

group photos! together with the rest of the girls who worked.
spotted some familiar faces yet? Arrian and Nicolette from Vaunt.

had our lunch break at 3pm.
dined at Cineleisure's Pastamania and ordered baked rice.
gosh, this outlet's garlic bread sucks ttm! no taste at all!

took 2 more photos.. lol.

work ended at around 5plus. took photos with KayKay and Xiaxue! (like duh, how can i miss out the chance!)

chatted with Fai and Althea for a quite sometime while waiting for ahtoon to reach town.

haha and of course i camwhored too la..
that's Jessica on the left, one of clicknetwork's crew and Althea chatting with Fai on the right. xD

wind was blowing so strongly. my hair keep flying around.
and took the chance to camwhore. xD
effing love this picture alot!

so finally, ahtoon reached at about 6pm?
walked to FEP look look, walk walk.
jiaqi had a free hair wash at Artica.

while waiting for her...... (as usual)

camwhored with ahtoon's hat!

 with ahtoon, my cute ass dongsaeng! xD

woot! i love my eye makeup, i think i'm improving! xD
cos i dont really use eye shadows a lot. so right now, i'm still like a beginner for putting eye shadows on my eyelids.
no falsies at all tho.. cos the theme was to use mascara to lengthen our lashes (STILETTO GIRLS).
L: with makeup mode. R: no makeup mode - now you all know how cui my skin is.. :(

after a while, Aidil came and jiaqi done washing her hair.
saw Linda chiobu at FEP's hongkong cafe shop too! :D
went to FEP's Pastamania and waited for Aidil to eat.
meanwhile, ahtoon and i did something effing bad! muahahahahaha! we were surprised that it worked in the end!
woooohoooo, me and my brilliant idea. HOW'S THAT! XD

walked back to Cineleisure. ahtoon and i was like having a "mini kpop concert" cos we were singing loadsa songs!
especially 2NE1's! xD
reached, saw Chloe at level 3 while walking to the escalator.
went to arcade!
check out my score! (^_^)v
i'm like the pro-est among them... A-NOT-BAD-SCORE for a GIRL OKAYS! XD *BHB*

after that, ahtoon abandon us for his another group of friends. hope he remembers what i told him la! *tsktsk*
left jiaqi, aidil and i.. they both wanted to watch a late night movie, but thought of the time and transportations, gave up.
went to Scape's Mac and sat down a while. before the seat got warm, we left for Red Mango.
then Aidil's bestie came... (our sec sch friends). decided to go Concorde hotel for LAN. followed along... and watched all of them play L4D. managed to stop jiaqi in time for our last bus.

heee! that's about it.. i know i havent been updating alot about my life. *guilty*
will update more (i hope!) xD

anyways, thanks alot to those who still come my blog and leave comments.
thanks for reading!



  1. haix..finaly updated ur blog ah =D hahas.. u look so hot wif tat outfit..n stunning..i find no reason why ppl reject u worr =D

  2. @Anonymous1 LOL haha your comment got me LOL-ing. hot n stunning?!?!!?!

  3. Mmmm..ok.. beautiful n sexy?? =D can le ba

  4. Aiya..overall..u look gorgeous!!!! =D ta da~ cos ur gorgeous look made me speechless.. =D

  5. wow~you look pretty!
    Your eye makeup is nice too~you can be 1 makeup stylist soon.haha~
    you also look like a roadshow girl/model.R you 1?

  6. @Anonymous1 LOLOL. sexy/hot is so not me!! hahaha thankyou for your compliments la.. :D
    @Anonymous2 aww. thankyou! i only work when i have the lobangs. xD part-time modelling. ;)

  7. hi, may i kindly ask what kind of eyeliner are you using it look great!

  8. @Anonymous3 hm. i'm currently using a few eyeliners..



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