Thursday, January 20, 2011

sometimes, i will have this thought:'having an older boyfriend, is it really better?'
yes, he may be more financially stable, mature in thinking and more experience in life yada yada.
but at times, when i jealous over something he deem 'worthless', i feel.... like helpless.

seriously, you think i want to feel that way and ruin your precious time?
so only your time is precious and mine isnt?
ya, you have very lil time in Singapore, i get that.
and i'm always free at home, doing nothing (not working nor studying), thus my time isnt precious?

if you deem that jealousy over something minor is worthless, then you totally have no idea how i feel.
obviously it's something that weighs in my heart (tho i know she's nothing compared to me.. but girls...)

"boys will never ever understand how a girl truly feels deep inside."

this statement is fucking true.
only in this case, mine is a man, an older adult who seems to know pretty much every other things i dont.

i dont know.
today is truly a fucked up day for me.
and it sucks.


  1. maybe should you consider dating a guy with around your age and common interests! :)

  2. just get used to it ba. my bf is in sq too, ard the same time as ur bf. at first we quarrelled over all sorts of things, like drinking, gg out with girls when he's overseas. after some time you will be lazy to quarrel over such things, though you may still feel jealous :)

  3. i feel the same way :/ but what to do...both has pro and cons... either a childish one who plays along with you or a mature one who thinks for the future...

  4. @Anonymous3 true la.. pro and con..

  5. Look on the bright side! Im the same age as you, and Im dating a relatively older guy right now and yes, we do face such problems as well. Me telling him what is bothering me, but he dont really understand the seriousness in the issue cos he thinks theres nothing to be jealous about, and that im just making a big fuss/being childish.

    I suggest you choose the right time to tell him how you feel. Hold his hand, and gently and lovingly say you want to open up to him about something, and mention about this issue, and tell him to put himself in your shoes. If he loves you, he will understand eventually :)

  6. @SHERENA *hi5* hais.. aww, thank you for your long advise! :D hope things changes with you and your bf for the better too!



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