Sunday, February 13, 2011


guess what came in my mailbox? :D
i love receiving small packages like this!
machiam like opening presents.. xD

i was still worrying of running out contact lenses to wear but there come my saviour! :D

first pair of lenses i opened:
and here's an example of how it is like when worn. :)
i really liked it!

but sadly, i did something very stupid the next day.
jiaqi and i have this very weird hobby. we collected contact lenses that we worn before.
we let them dry up and keep them in a small box. LOL
so, i was drying my old pair of lenses.. the next morning when i want to wear it, i realised i dried the one which i just opened! (T_T) *heart pain*

hais, so i opened another new pair....
and here's how it looks like on me.
my eyes look effing huge right?! like (O_O)!!! xD
that's cos i cheated a lil with falsies plus double eyelid stickers.
how i wish i can have parallel eyelids and deep set eyes like angmohs.... (>_<)

oh wells... 'nuff said!
you guys always ask me on my formspring which blogshop sells lenses right?

these are sponsored by Le-von!
their geo lens are not instock but preorder. Items takes 7 working days to reach after preorder closes. 

and here are some promotions they have for you guys!

Buy 9 pairs and get 1 free pair! (free pair must be equal or lower price)
[not applicable with other promotions.]

Free normal postage for purchases of 1-2 pair of lenses ($2 off!), or free registered mail for purchases of 4 pairs and above ($7 - $xx off!) :)
[not applicable with other promotions.]

BEST SELLER series OFFER - 1 tone black/brown circle 14mm lens at $11 only! No minumum purchased.
[not applicable with other promotions.]

and you get free PINK lens casing for every pair you buy from them! :D

simply quote 'Hayley (PROMOTION ONE/TWO/THREE)'

so what are you waiting for now?!
oh ya, dont say i never warn you!
once you go for the bigger lenses, you will never turn back to 14.0 mm anymore. ;)


  1. can u do an video about how u apply your makeup for this day of the pic you took? very pretty.i like your eyes makeup :)

  2. @valri3 i'm not very good at doing tutorials for makeup eh.. xD

  3. hey, if the lenses dried,you could just put thn bck in the contact lens case wif solution ^^ it would restore.

  4. hmm just flim down how u apply makeup? :)

  5. @Anonymous1 hm, it depends on how dry are your lenses eh.
    @valri3 maybe. :)

  6. hey what's the code for the 1st pair of lens you opened? :)

  7. i have eyelid but it small like urs. can use eyelid sticker also??

  8. @Anonymous2 wah, i dont remember la!!
    @Anonymous3 yes, you can try :)



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