Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day people!

i guess by the time you guys are reading this, boyfriend and I will be in Phuket already!

just a random photo of both of us...
yes yes (if you're interested to know), dear boyfriend paid for my air ticket and accomodation.
shopping wise, i'll be spending the thai bahts that parents gave me. and of course, i changed my own money too! hope i can find some nice and cheap clothes over there!

boyfriend said that he's gonna bring me snorkeling! i'm kinda excited and scared at the same time tho...
cos tsunami happened there before.. (>_<) so please pray for me..
and i hope that i dont get any tanner or worse, sunburn...

felt like it's been quite long ever since i posted my non-makeup face photos. xD

shall end this post with a photo i really like! :D

enjoy this very special day people! regardless of single or attached! :D
if you're single, i hope you find your ONE very soon!
and if you're attached like me, i wish you will last as long as possible with your dear one!!

p.s. do check out my blogsale too! :D 
leave me an email if you're interested in the items.


  1. aww~ u are so sweet =D u still look so beautiful without ur makeup.. Cool!! Happy valentine day to u too.. =D stay happy forever =D



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