Sunday, February 20, 2011

if you still don't know, jiaqi and i appeared on Clicknetwork's Hot Seat.

it was an extremely fun experience i tell you.
and i know some of my friends were there to support us. very grateful to those of you! :)

but at the same time, people still keep asking sexual questions, trying to sow discord between me and my boyfriend, say i'm a slut blah blah blah..

come on people, i owe none of you ANY explanations.
it's my life that i'm living, why so KPO to know what i do?
just in case you still wanna try your luck on formspring, give up asking me this already,
'hey honestly and truthfully, are you still a virgin?'
but i guess you'll probably know the answer when Chengxi and I get married and have twins babies. 

to that girl/boy who tries to sow discord between me and my boyfriend, SUCKS TO BE YOU.
know why? simply because: i trust my boyfriend more than you (dumbo anonymous)
if your girl-friend have a OneNightStand while clubbing, it won't be my boyfriend she recognized since she's so wasted already.
yeah, before Chengxi met me, he might still be a lil flirty and all, but people changes.. especially for the ones they love, and i trust he wont betray my trust i have for him. :)
cos if he do, i probably wont be together with him already. so dont worry about it, noseyparkers. ;)

to people who commented that i'm a slut, __l__ you.


[sluht] noun
1. a dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
- quoted from and i'm neither of what was described.

seriously, i think people should get their facts right before they say any single shit about ANY PEOPLE.
so in the video of Hot Seat;
"jayley is answering and hayley is cuttng her so much"
"hayley is rude she keep stoppng jayley cus she wna answer her own question"

- come on, go ask Jiaqi. she also that she was the one who kept trying to break MINE up cos she just keep reading the questions out and skipping them.
i tried to answer for her in the end, and when i did, she brought up any questions that you guys asked.

i'm sorry about blocking her in the video tho, with my beloved stitch hat (that my boyfriend bought for me).

everything i did in the video that day, wasnt really myself.
actually, I AM MYSELF. except what you saw was a especially HYPED hayley.
well apparently, some of you guys cant take jokes, i'm just trying to make the video more entertaining.
and maybe that resulting in me being so hyper/irritating/excited/loud/bimbo etc.
so go ahead (once again) and judge me for who you saw in the video.
how i wish i can stay happy like that every single day, i might live longer. ;)
"zomg, why HAYLEY so irritating?!?"
"why she so noisy one?!"
"why she so arrogant?!"
and there comes comparisons, as usual.
"jiayi so bad. kept scolding jiaqi"
"hayley so irritating, like a bimbo. Her sister is so different from her. More class!."
"i always tot hayley is better. but i change my mind. -_-" 
"urgh so annoying why cant hot seat just feature the girl on the left alone!!!!!"
"Jayley so pretty and Hayley is so ugly!!"
 - seriously? 
tho i'm used to all these already, but comparisons still hurts. :(
go ahead and comment that i'm ahlian-er/bimbo-er/ugli-er blah blah blah.
shall end of this ranting post with a sheep i saw at Gillian's gorgeous house.


  1. Hi hayley, I watched the video!! It was entertaining. Without you, I think the video will be v.boring hohoho. love and hate are always together. just listen to it, forgive it, forget it =) Have a great day!

  2. you probably seem irritating to people on clicknetwork because jiaqi's cooler, as in less hyped-up. but you're not la, LOL. those who said only just want to see more of jiaqi because she's kinda cooler (like calm) at the side la!

  3. it okay hayley!!
    i think you're more hyper, i don't think you're irritating :)
    cheer up!

  4. Hi babe, I watched the video, and it was really entertaining =)
    And seriously, some idiotic people loves to bring people down. Will those idiot stop asking sexual question? Like what does it got to do with you man, it's her life anyway, she doesn't owe anyone any explanation!
    I was a little angry with all that too while watching the videos. As I am somehow in the same situation as you, so i truly understand how you feel it.

    People tend to bring up the past to bring us down, leaving us all hurt. It was their mistakes not ours, but the girls will always end up having to 'answer' it for the guys. So guys, don't do things to hurt your girl alright?
    And Jia Yi, do stay strong! Let's bygones be bygones.
    Just forget about the unpleasant past and move on. What matters now is that he is treating you good =D That's all it matters right.

    And to all those idiots out there, please be more mature in your thinking....
    People do change, they will definitely change for the better for their loved ones. So stop harboring other people's past. STOP being so judgmental... Don't just remember the ugly side of people, but also their good side too.
    What matter most is NOW!
    so people, please grow up and stop pestering Jia Yi!

    Jia Yi must stay strong alright (:
    with loveeeeeee

  5. it's okay hayley! ignore all those nasty comments as long as u me and those who love you know it's not true! :) jiayou and just be yourself! i love who you are. :) u are really bi-you-tea-full! :D hwaiting! <3

  6. I watched th video too and u girls were awesome & natural (:
    & ur'e not annoying / bimbotic luhs , th things u do made me LOL ! ( in a good way!)
    u sisters are different nd awesome th way u are.

    cheer up!

  7. the video would be super boring without u hayley! u have such a bubbly personality and you're so funny <3

  8. Hayley, I think MOST (or all) of those negative comments on clicknetwork come from just 1 or 2 losers who have nothing better to do but bring down other people because of their own insecurities. I think that person must be SICK in the head to keep posting multiple comments on the forum. To that person, if you're reading this, get a f-ing life.

  9. Hayley! Im watching the video! U are so cute so funny la! :D So awesome. Made me laugh. Thanks :):) Ur voice is nicee! :D The hair and the twins part is so funny!! :D The people who ask whether u two are twins are plain brainless or what hehe :p

  10. @everybody who commented at this post

    Thank you guys so much for the encouraging comments! you guys really made my day! (^_^)v
    thanks alot...... :D


  11. Hey Hayley! Just ignore those haters of you ok! Take Care! I Love You! <3



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