Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sponsored Review

gonna introduce to you people this taiwan-branded mask named, Love More Facial Mask. :)
i've received 3 boxes from The Sample Store.

White Crystal & Platinum PeptideWhitening Duo Lifting Mask 
Features and effects:
The latest “turning back time lifting” mask fits your face and neck perfectly! It fights against gravity, lifting the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek, eye area.  White crystal and platinum peptide has effective whitening effect.


Diamond Super White Mask

eatures and effects:
Combining small molecules of diamond and rose tourmaline allows the whitening ability of the mask to penetrate deeply into the skin. Herba Saussureae Involucratae and m-Tranexamic Acid improves the skin’s ability to regenerate and removes dead cells. The skin will not only be fair but also be tightened and moisturized!

and, Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening Mask

eatures and effects:
Combining 3D mask with the best whitening ingredients and tourmaline, the benefits of the mask is released to every inch of your skin! Use it for 15 minutes daily and your skin will be fair like a princess!

Taiwan's endorser: Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning from 下一站幸福 love it!!
and from Hongkong, we have Kary!
all chiobu leh! so after using this mask, you'll become one chiobu too! ;D

anyways, i've opened Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening mask..
goodness! this mask smell AWESOME! and it's super moisturizing.

i've opened the Diamond White mask too. i prefer this mask's smell than the previous one. hahaha!
well, if the previous one smelled awesome.. this is even more AWESOME. LOL

i realised that their packaging is really cute for the masks! realised they are in a form of an envelope?? xD

by the way, you guys are encourage to go take part in "Take a picture with Love More Facial Mask" contest!
if you're interested to redeem some samples to try the mask out, click HERE

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