Monday, February 14, 2011


went to boyfriend's house and stayed over.. cos needa reach airport by 7am.
and he surprised me with his Valentine's gift - furry stitch! :D

boyfriend's parents sent us to the budget terminal.

had mac breakfast! :D

see how happy he is with his big breakfast? greedy pig! xD

after breakfast, went around walking and browsing through the duty free items... 
till we almost miss the timing to board the plane!

after taking this photo, the indian dude said,"no pictures here miss.." - TOO BAD I TOOK. XD
boarding passes :)

camwhore in our seats ;)

preparing to fly~

in the air! and i spotted something........

poor mosquito stuck in between the window panes. 
*what a way to die*

wah, i really like this picture!

continue to snap more photos. xD

while boyfriend fell asleep on my lap.

above thailand...

*laughs at boyfriend's eyes* 600 baht to out hotel..

while on the way there, saw this purple! zomg so nice!

zomg, i just had to snap this photo.. our driver super lousy!!! 
see the car in front came to a haul already right? he keep starting off at gear 4... *fail much*

and dear boyfriend once again, fell asleep on my lap.... zZz

wooot, took these once we reached our hotel.

i love the swimming pool there!

and this is the waiting area.

he was just as about to serve us our drink - cranberry juice i guess.

guess we were too early or the hotel room service were kinda slow. 
cos our rooms weren't ready yet when we reach.
so we went out for a walk...
i'm amazed! thai have got like superb drawing talent!!
check this out. they drew this with a reference!!

and caught boyfriend staring at other people ( Y ).. LOL thats why his shocked expression.. xD

on the way, saw some roadside fingerfood.. treated boyfriend to sausage and big chicken! total only 80 baht lor.

went back to our room at roughly 2pm. walked from 11.45am till 1.30pm lor.
scorching hot outside!!
checked into our room!

and here's the view before we go into our room.

views of our room...

two single bed combined.

toilet... was a lil disappointed... cos no bathtub. :(

but i was guessing this part of the bathroom is suppose to build the bathtub.

with boyfriend! ♥

zomg, this nescafe coffee from Family Mart is like the best!! 17 baht only!

after bathing, applied some sunscreen and we head out once again.

boyfriend's fav food over at Phuket.

he simply love it!

and a kind angmoh lady took a photo of us together. xD

walked to Blangla road and dined at this Korea BBQ restaurant.
*laughs at boyfriend's eyes again*

KBS World news.

boyfriend cooking the meat..

i love using their steel chopstick. lol

here's a tutorial of how to make a cabbage-with-pork lol.

and here's one of the waitress helping us to cook the meat..

Dream High was broadcasting while we were eating!

went for a walk after dinner..

and an angmoh smiling into our cam while we were taking the pink van..

went back to hotel for a swim..
while swimming, fireworks were lighted! and~ 
hahaha, watch our for Phuket's Day 2. :D


  1. Cebu Pacific, that's the plane in Philippines :D

  2. Those pictures of the cloud are really breathtaking! :D

  3. You both looks great n awesome together n i mean it~you look pretty without makeup too!nice photos n trip!

  4. Is your boyfriend once a mediacorp actor? Looks familiar.

  5. @Anonymous2 yes! aren't they? i love them too! :D
    @Anonymous3 hahah thankyou for your sweet comment :)
    @Anonymous4 haha yeah, ex actor :)

  6. Hayley, you look like a thai leh, so pretty! ♥



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