Wednesday, February 16, 2011


woke up like at around 7 plus to prepare for our Phi Phi Island trip!

tho a bit blurry, i like boyfriend in the middle picture! he looks so cute! xD

went to the hotel lobby and waited for someone to come pick us up in the van.
arrived at the speedboat terminal shortly..

quite considerate of them to prepare some drinks and biscuits for us in the morning.
dear dear's face here so cute! xD

drank some super concentrated orange juice. and hor, this sugar mini bite biscuits is super nice!!

and check out their paper cup! damn cute! got handle one.

random photos of doggies at the harbour.


tadaa, this is Isabelle explaining to us that flippers are important while snorkeling cos you dont want to step on sea urchins. 
rented them for 100 baht.. but didnt use them much. i find it super hard to swim with them on la.
maybe cos i'm not use to it. xD

walking to the speedboat area.

hm, i guess the photos are very much self-explanatory right.

after an hour or so, finally reached Maya Bay!
luckily, i'm not much of a seasick person la. the waves super choppy!

alighted! and took loadsa photos! effing alot of people there la.

and again, nice tourist around that lent their helping hands to help us take photo. xD

took by BF. :)

went to a quieter and lesser corner and camwhored! xD

went back to our speedboat and waited for this pair of effing late angmoh couple.
damn angry lor, made everyone of us waited for like almost an hour for them!! 

woot, gotta love the scenery there!

after snorkeling at this island, it was time for lunch!
it was really fun to snorkel! but i'm not quite use to breathing through my mouth. drank a few mouthful of sea water. effing salty!! *pui*

came to this ulu island for lunch! with the people from the same speedboat.

i quite like the spaghetti! but bf say not nice.. maybe cos i'm hungry. :P

this cat sitting under this Japanese couple.

just in case you're wondering, the guy in this photo isn't my boyfriend. is the japanese dude.

after finishing eating, went for a lil swim.. but the sea water at that island makes my skin pain! and i wasn't the only one feeling it. boyfriend too! ;/

went to another beach after lunch.. 
around 6.30pm, we came back from the beaches. 
went back hotel to bath. dinner at around 7plus. 
ate a ham&cheese crepe then;

>_< right? i know! but i kept craving for ramyun!!! what to do...
walked damn long and further down for boyfriend's mango sticky rice.

bought this effing nice chicken for 50 baht and super sweet mango orange juice at the roadside.

boyfriend look effing adorable here! like a small kid choosing sweets. xD

went to their family mart for some water and snacks then off for our massage session!

at the end of the day, i spent my last few baht on 3 games CD that doesn't even work.
bought 2 xbox360 kinect games plus one the sims 3 ambitions. super :(
luckily 3 CDs cost only 450 baht. oh wells, lessons learnt: never buy CDs there. LOL

end of day 3. 
thanks for reading!


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