Tuesday, February 08, 2011

thanks to OMY, Natalie and I got to watch NO STRINGS ATTACHED even before it's out in the cinema! :D

here's what i received when i collect the ticket from them :)

this movie, you can expect to see HILARIOUS sex jokes and of course, how people handle relationships (the title isnt just for show! :P)

i realised that Ashton Kutcher is in last year and this year's Valentine's Day movies!
and i'm very sure that Natalie Portman is no stranger to you people who have already watched Black Swan. ;)
i must say that her popularity sure is rising steadily! while waiting for the movie to start, there's already like a few trailers featuring her! we were all like,'wah! it's her again!! (O_O)'. xD
go watch it if you like romance comedy! :D
but do take note as it will only be out in cinemas on FEB 17!

so after the movie ended, Nat, JQ and i walked to Plaza Sing and chilled at Mac.
been so effing long since the last meetup... really misses Nat alot... having someone close to talk to/to pour my heart out. :)

okays, i look scary here. and Nat's squashed-by-her-own-hands-face is amusing! xD

here's one when jiaqi tried to stuffs Cinnamon Melts into my mouth and Nat assisting her. LOL
i die die also dont want open my mouth cos i'm effing full and supper like that aint helping my boobs grow bigger. ROFL! HAHAHAH

finally! a nicer shot! xD
the 'rainbow' is caused by jiaqi's Cinnamon Melts. lol

i had to crop both pictures cos of this man-in-black photo bomber :(

because SJQ kept forcing us to eat, she decided to make her face appear like a WAFFLE on photo. xD
this is what you call 大饼脸!

shall end this post with my:


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