Monday, February 21, 2011

TVC casting day = a day that need to travel alot.

went to teevee commercial casting with jiaqi at Haji Lane.
jiaqi and Seth (someone who act in channel 8 quite often) xD

after which, jiaqi bought her crystals at Haji Lane. and we walked back to Bugis for my fav Mango Tango @ Rockery. went to food court and jiaqi ate her pasta.

was checking my twitter feeds and saw Sophia tweeting about a place selling Chinaglazes for 6bucks per bottle!!!
how can i miss this out right?!
anyways, if you were thinking of going, this fair at Suntec is over already. :)
and Zoya selling at 10bucks each bottle.

if you follow me on twitter, you might have already seen this twitpic.
if no, here are the nail polishes i got..
total damages: 70bucks! (T_T)

was telling Kaykay how pretty i think she is on her twitter picture on What's App..
and she said something that made my day! :D



  1. May i know where the shop is? The one selling china glaze? Thnx :D

  2. yea where's that place? o.0
    Thanks =D



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