Monday, February 28, 2011

welcome to the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 @ SCAPE blogpost! xD
jiaqi and i was invited by omy to attend and blog about this event.
unfortunately it was raining that day... and when we reached, the floor were still wet!

Janet from omy led us to the holding room for more photos, where you can see everyone chilling, trying to calm their mind for the dance competition!

after much waiting, crowds start to gather in front of the stage.

however, it was still drizzling. so jiaqi and i took the chance and ate a lil at the Taiwan Cafe down 1 floor.
when we were done, a group of Japanese boy stared at us and one said,"kawaii kawaii!" - ps much.. xD

F&N Sparkling Drinks is the presenting sponsor of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 and that this competition is to celebrate all things youth and dance.
do follow them on their Facebook and Twitter as they will be giving out prizes and holding contests there regularly! :D
free flow of your favourite drinks all day!

inside the envelope, they thoughtfully gave us a poncho each.. and i effing love the small can of F&N grape
guess what's inside??
- wet tissue!

so it was still raining, the crew all decided to hold the competition at the Scape's gallery without any further ado. Sheikh Haikel was the host of the day.. he's still so funny, as usual. :)

there are the 3 judges sitting just right in front of us.
and spotted my Tanglin juniors. xD

i took like a whole gallery of photos! so i made them into a collage.
(click to enlarge the photos. ;))
so after 20 groups had done their items, the host announced that there would be a 20 mins interval as the stage will be brought downstairs!
within minutes, here's what we've got:

camwhoring before the 2nd half of dance competition starts :)

there you go!

well it was really an eye opener for me, seeing so many talented people dance.
makes me feel sad 'why cant i dance like them?!'

anyways, more photos taken with people we know while waiting for the judges to tabulate the results of the finalists.

Tanglin juniors :)

Polaroids with Yuzhen and Eve from CJ dance school!

with Omy's Janet!

so the results were out and here are the list of people who got through the next round.
1) Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
2) B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
3) The Basic Five
4) Sickin Freak
5) Flair Brothers
6) I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
7) The Zoo Thailand
8) Free Frago
9) Househead
10) Sonic Vibe
11) Team Elite (Philippines)
12) Major Jam
13) Fantastic Forze Crew
14) Size-Zero
15) Burning Bums (the only couple group)
16) Rough Addicts
17) F4C Stars
18) Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champions)
19) Harlequinn
20) Hit the Speed Limit

i dont know why, but i was brave enough and approached the groups to have their photos taken that day.
(normally, i would be damn shy la.. dont even dare to ask kind :X)
or perhaps thanks to this pass that gave me the strength... xD

so here are some of the finalists. ;)

The Zoo Thailand - they are really powerful on the stage!

Fantastic Forze Crew - ninja fast moves!

B.O.T.S (Born to Swag) - the small lil cute guy that jiaqi talks about. xD

last one, Sonic Vibe - spacemen clothing.. xP

and that concludes my post!
am really glad that i turned up for this event. :)
i love to watch people dance, tho i cant really do so myself. xD
shall end this post with a photo of me and jiaqi took with the F&N backdrop.

oh ya!!
if you're interested to know, the Finals will be held at Wave House Sentosa on March 12, 2011 at 7pm. 
only one team will win the coveted chance to compete in Japan Osaka! admission to the finals is by ticket only and tickets can be purchased from O School (Tel: 6509 0016) at $20 (till March 8, 2011) or $25 (from March 9, 2011 onwards).

thanks for reading! (^_^)v


  1. you and your sis are both awesomely pretty!!!! you look like taiwanese

  2. you have to actually put in effort and hard work if you want to "dance like them". not stand around trying to look pretty and writing poorly written blog posts

  3. @Anonymous 2, then why do you bother reading? Why bother? If you can't stand her, don't bother.

  4. @Anonymous 2
    Everyone has different talents and abilities, both Jayley and Hayley are just as talented as the dancers. ^_^ Dun need to put them down like this. Only inferior people will say such things.

  5. @Anonymous1 aww taiwanese? thank you! :)
    @Anonymous2 yeah, we're putting in effort in case you dont know. we're both taking up dancing classes now. since you deem that my posts sucks, why bother reading? ;) seriously, guys like you should just get a life.


  7. you're so tall even when you're wearing flats!

    *envy envy* I'm so damn short.


  8. Haha..agree every1 have different talents..some are talented in dance.some are not.
    Agree that practise hard is 1 important/practice harder maybe will be as good as pro.dancer. But talent STAND a hugh part.
    well~at least i can say out loud that hayley here is quite talented in SINGING(nice..x>),MODELLING(Pretty)..n she got the looks!

  9. @Anonymous3 hahah really? :D
    @Anonymous4 haha hai hao only! not very tall..
    @Anonymous5 thankyou! (^_^)
    @Anonymous5 hahah! you guys ah!

  10. hahax..Do think u r tall too~Pretty n tall.Wasted not being a professional model.You also kinda look like beauty therapist/makeup artist.cuz skin's good n makeup well too!


  11. @Tiz hee, thanks for your compliments! :)



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